number 23 on Makoto's phone is also a "Yuki Akino"

ゆうき (pronounced Yūki or Yuuki) phonetically can refer to:

結城 as surname:

  1. Rin Yuuki in July 2000 game Milkyway
  2. Ryouka Yuuki, a love interest in the August 2000 game PureMail
  3. Ran Yuuki in 2002 game Milkyway 2
  4. Setsuka Yuuki in 2005 game Milkyway 3

勇気 as forename:

  1. Yuuki Ashikaga, the star of the 2010 game Cross Days

裕樹 as forename:

  1. Yuuki Akagawa, star of Milkyway 2

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