Yumi Matou
Other names Miyu
Born 14 January
Blood-Type A
Gender Female
Height 156.1 cm
Weight 45.8 kg
B.W.H 92-58-83
Hair Deep Purple
Affiliation Aoi School
Seiyuu An Kasuga (credited as Urara Haruno)

Yumi Matou (真東 悠美) is a heroine in PureMail. She is Kei Ogata's 3rd year senior who also look after the school's server system.


Yumi has short deep bob-cut purple hair and bright purple eyes which she mostly wear her glass on. Like other characters she is mostly seen wearing her blue school uniform with white ribbon. She also wears a small yellow hairclip on the left side of her face. For Yumi's figure she has large breasts which aren't very noticible under her uniform but are more noticible with her freetime outfit or bikini seen in the photo which she took with Hideo Aoba.



  • In the OVA she used an alias "Miyu".
  • Yumi has the largest bust size of all female character in Puremail at 92 cm.

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