Gender Male
Hair Brown
Family and Relatives Moteharashou's principal (father)

Kagura Inou (mother)
Ayumu Inou (maternal uncle)
Youko Saionji (maternal aunt)
Moeka Sekihata (maternal aunt)
Tomaru Sawagoe (grandfather)
Moegi Inou (grandmother)
Asagi Inou (maternal great-aunt)
Hajime Inou (maternal half-sister)
Mai Kiyoura (maternal half-sister)
Rina Inou (maternal half-sister)
Rio Inou (half-niece(Hajime))
Setsuna Kiyoura (half-niece(Mai))
Midori Nagawa (half-cousin(Tomaru)/second cousin(Noborou Inou/Mrs. Inou))
Sakura Nagawa (half-cousin(Tomaru)/second cousin(Noborou Inou/Mrs. Inou))
Sekai Saionji (half-cousin(Tomaru)/second cousin(Noborou Inou/Mrs. Inou))
Rin Sekihata (half-cousin(Tomaru)/second cousin(Noborou Inou/Mrs. Inou))
Hinako (daughter/half-sister)

Wataru (渉) is the older brother of Rin. He is mentioned and appears in a photo in Summer Radish Vacation!! 2.


Wataru is the son of the Moteharashou's principal and Kagura Inou, the principal was Kagura's first client in prostitution service in Snow Radish started by Tomaru. The principal died a year later during the sexual intercourse.

Years later his uncle, Ayumu who was in a deranged state and angry with the Kagura's rejection pressed Wataru by force to violate Kagura, which resulted in a daughter, Hinako.

A year later he and twelve of his sisters and cousins who admired him as big brother which included Kagura's daughters, Tomaru's daughters, possibly daughters of men with whom Kagura had relations and a non-blood related sister which is the oldest of the twelve left Kagura.

Summer Radish Vacation!! 2Edit



  • Despite his surname has not been officially announced is likely to be Inou.

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