Chapter 7
Title Warmth
Romanji Nukumori
Kanji ぬくもり
Release Date November 26, 2007
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Previous Right Hand and Left Hand
Next The Couple's Feelings

Warmth (ぬくもり, Nukumori) is the seventh chapter of School Days manga.


Makoto has a flashback to the festival and once again notices how unhappy Sekai is as he and Kotonoha chat
Makoto ask Setsuna

Makoto ask Setsuna about Sekai's wereabouts

about the fireworks display.

At school he notices that Sekai is absent and questions this. Setsuna reveals that she is sick and stayed home, and Nanami teasingly asks Makoto if he is worried about her. Setsuna asks Makoto to take time and check on her to make sure she is fine, and Nanami resumes teasing him - but he seems to ignore it and offers to pay her a visit.

Makoto sends Kotonoha a text and tells her that he won't be coming home with her once school ends. When school ends, he heads right over and rings the doorbell, only to be greeted by Sekai's mother after she accidentally hits him in the forehead when she opens the door. She apologizes for this and invites him into their home, allowing him to go and visit Sekai.

Sekai thanks Makoto

Sekai thanks Makoto

When she sees him there, she expresses annoyance and throws a pillow at him. She reveals that she got the mumps and he attempts to cheer her up. Sekai thanks him for his visit and asks Makoto to put a towel on her forehead. As he does, she holds his hand and thanks him.

Makoto stays a bit longer before returning home, where he receives a call from Kotonoha. She mentions that she wanted to hear his voice, since they weren't able to walk home together, but not wanting to tell her where he was, he is quick to lie and say that Taisuke invited him to hang out.

With that the phone conversation comes to an end after they bid each other goodnight. Before bed, Makoto expresses confusion and tries to figure out what his relationship with Sekai really is.

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