Kokoro introduces Uzuki to Makoto, Sekai and Hikari.


Uzuki thinks that her and Kokoro's cram school teacher is handsome.

Uzuki Ii (井伊 卯月 Ii Uzuki) is Kokoro's friend. She is initially referred to by name in earlier episodes of the anime, and accompanies Kokoro to the school festival in episode 9.

Kokoro speaks to her on the phone in Summer Days and Shiny Days, but she is not actually seen in those. She does appear in Cross Days though.

She seems to be more observant than Kokoro, because when Kokoro mentions to Makoto about her sister (Kotonoha) wanting to dance with him at the festival, Uzuki notices the look of consternation that comes over Sekai's face. She speculates that perhaps Sekai is actually his girlfriend, something Kokoro adamantly denies.

This does not sway Uzuki's opinion, as she simply remarks "an adult situation, how mature". She then announces that boyfriendless-Kokoro would not understand, which sparks a complaint from her friend.

In Cross Days, Uzuki come to Sakakino Highschool as her cram school teacher and boyfriend, Kyouichi Kasannoin is helding the "Rare Book Lovers" event which is a front for his sexual activities. It's unknown if she is aware of his infidelity or not but she most likely is.


She also seen in TearMail's Trailer.

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