Two People and One Person
Chapter 10
Title Two People and One Person
Romanji Futari to Hitori
Kanji フタリとヒトリ
Release Date November 26, 2007
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Two People and One Person (フタリとヒトリ, Futari to Hitori) is the tenth chapter of School Days manga.


Kotonoha overhears a rumor from her classmates, saying that if a couple attends the culture festival and walks around it together, they will be bound permanently together. She sends a text to Makoto about how they haven't been getting along so well lately and wonders if it may be due to the preparations for the festival.

She finds him in the hallway and sees him carrying a bunch of supplies. They are happy to have run into each other. This makes them both happy since they haven't been able to see each other as much as they normally do, but the time together is cut short when Sekai finds Makoto and tells him to bring the supplies on time, as they are on a schedule. Before he goes, Kotonoha asks Makoto if he wants to walk around the festival with her and he agrees.

As Sekai and Makoto head back to their class, Kotonoha recalls Kokoro telling her about seeing Makoto and Sekai at like a couple. Kotonoha thanked Kokoro for telling her this, but she finds it hard to believe, since she is sure he would keep his promise to her.

Hikari sets Makoto and Sekai

Hikari sets Makoto and Sekai to go around the festival together.

The festival starts as Sekai and Setsuna work as Waitresses who greet everyone who visits their class. Afterwards, Taisuke tells Hikari that it is time to switch places with Sekai and Hikari invites him to join her at the dance that evening and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Makoto waits for Kotonoha to visit her in class, but he is found by Sekai and Hikari - who sets them up to go around the Festival together.

Just as Kotonoha prepares to meet up with Makoto, Otome stops her and demands that she handles the reception desk for a while.

Kotonoha cries manga

Kotonoha cries after witnessing Makoto and Sekai kissing

Makoto and Sekai head up to the roof top and watch the rest of the student couples dance at the bonfire later on. Sekai tells Makoto they should dance as well, while Kotonoha runs around the school trying to locate Makoto. She heads up to the roof top and stops as she sees them making out, causing her to breakdown in tears.

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