Minami, Kumi and Natsumi together in the opening segment.

Disambiguation: This is for the three bullies who are pictured together in the opening/ending of the anime. For the trio of friends that Saionji eats lunch with, see Hikari, Nanami and Setsuna. They receive more focus as individuals, coming on screen independently, and are named earlier.

There is a trio of 3 girls who are Otome's friend and serve as minor characters.

They generally bully Kotonoha for no reason other than their jealousy of her beauty and breast size and make up assumptions about her, such as her dating Makoto for money or lying about Makoto being her boyfriend.

Their names are Minami Obuchi, Natsumi Koizumi and Kumi Mori.


These three don't have individual appearances in the opening/closing segments like Sekai's friends do. They have a similar tasteful appearance from the collarbone up as the greater trio though. As opposed to the display of breasts from Sekai and Kotonoha in the opening.

Figuring out who they areEdit

While it's fairly menial to figure out who they are in the visual novel in the anime it's a different task.

Natsumi Koizumi, the girl with the darkest (almost purple) hair is the last one to be referred to by name in the anime. She can determined via process of elimination after she names her friends. Later, Minami calls her Natsumi in front of Kotonoha though:


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