Bitch slap
After Sekai says she won't go to Paris



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No More Hesitation
I'm Sorry

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Goodbye Sekai
Setsuna's Feelings

Taisuke has asked Makoto to meet his 'girlfriend' and Makoto invites him over

to the roof for lunch. To his and Sekai's surprise it's Kotonoha and they've started going after the festival. Later after class Sekai goes to hang out with her friend and Makoto goes to the train station and

winds up taking a train w
Chick stuff

Hikari finds out Taisuke has a girlfriend


Kotonoha. Kotonoha explains that Taisuke grabbed her and told her go out with him and because she felt she had no choice she accepted. Sekai, Hikari, Setsuna and Nanami are at pure burger and Nanami complains about her boyfriend preferring porn games to her and then Sekai reveals Taisuke got a girlfriend. Hikari sees it and gets jealous. The next day at lunch Makoto decides to find Taisuke as soon as the bell rings and finds Taisuke more or less raping Kotonoha. Makoto continues to watch them and Hikari comes and they both continue watching. Makoto gets aroused and starts fondling with Hikari. Before they go too far Kotonoha and Taisuke are done and they have to stop. Makoto compliments Hikari and that she's a great girl. When he gets back Sekai gives him a lunch she made with Setsuna's mom. Makoto likes it and she invites

him over for the weekend because her mother is going to Paris on a business trip. She then goes to Pure Burger with Nanami and Setsuna but Hikari declines. Setsuna then calls Nanami's boyfriend and makes plans for everyone to go to his house and play his pornographic games.

Makoto runs into Kotonoha at the train station and Kotonoha says she loves and asks Makoto to break up with Sekai and go out with her. Before Makoto answers she guesses no and says she only asked for the sake of it. After Kotonoha leaves Hikari decides to not show herself after evesdropping. At Sekai's home she's having dinner with her mother when Youko reveals she's been picked to work at the Paris store and that they're moving after Youko goes to pick a place for them to live and come back. Sekai is against it but Youko tries to explain that this is a big opportunity for her and then slaps her when she protests further. Sekai is later crying in her room and then accepts she has to go when Setsuna claims she will be taking Makoto "off her hands".