Touri Sawagoe
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Affiliation Sawagoe Family
Occupation Housewife
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father/father in law)

Tomomasa Sawagoe (husband/half-brother)
Tomoe Sawagoe (mother in law)
Ayumu Inou (lover/half-brother)
Touri's son (son)
Touri's daughter (daughter)
Touri's child (child)
Unamed child

Seiyuu Eri Saita (credited as Nene)

Touri Sawagoe (沢越 桃里) is a character in Large PonPon. A clumsy young woman who stayed at the hospital due to nearly reach the time to give birth to her child.


Before Large PonPonEdit

Touri Toda is the daughter of Tomaru Sawagoe and a woman married to a man surnamed Toda, she was presumably acknowledged and raised as daughter of her mother's husband and don't know her relation with Tomaru.

She was renamed Touri Sawagoe when she (unknowingly) married her half-brother, Tomomasa Sawagoe (Tomaru's son with Tomoe). She married into Sawagoe Family shortly after she finished high school due to the fact that her parent's factory are facing risk of closure and they need an additional fund to survive. However, her marriage with Tomomasa isn't going well due to lack of their sex life and that Tomomasa often sided with his mother who often criticize her. To make the matter whose, the child that she's pregnant with is actually not Tomomasa's as she was raped by his father when she asked for an advice in marriage life.

Summmer Radish VacationEdit

On the night in which it is possible to call to the Toda oil and fat industry, is she that will answer the phone but shortly after she gave the phone to her father.



  • Her name Touri (桃里) means "Village of Peach". The kanji of Tou can also means "pink", tying her name with her sister, Ouka.
  • Eri Saita also voiced Ai Ogata and Kumi Mori.