Touri's child
Touri's child
Family and Relatives Ayumu Inou (father)

Touri Sawagoe (mother)
Touri's son (half-brother)
Touri's daughter (older sister)

Touri's child (桃里の子) is the child of Ayumu Inou and Touri Sawagoe seen in the CG show after the credits of the harem ending of Large PonPon.


  • Although QuizDE PonPon follow a nonexistent ending different than the harem ending of Large PonPon the children show in the harem ending are implied to be canonical because in the 0verflow character adultery chart Ayumu's children with the women he has a relationship in the harem ending have the same gender the children in the harem ending (except Kaori's child and Rurika's child which are unknown gender, the first is most likely an error in which the gender of Kaori's child was swapped for Midori's child gender since the games there is nothing that says the Midori's child is a girl and the latter most likely because in Rurika's ending the gender of her child change according to a choice or perhaps also is a error) and Touri has two more children with Ayumu like in the harem ending.

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