Toki Hazama
Gender Female
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father)

Hatsuka Hazama (mother)
Shun Hazama (older brother/lover)
Kuu Hazama (younger brother)

Seiyuu Renka (Summer Radish Vacation!!)

None(Summer Radish Vacation!! 2)

Toki Hazama (間 時 Hazama Toki) is the younger sister of Shun Hazama and the older sister of Kuu Hazama. She appears only speaking by phone in  Summer Radish Vacation!! and Summer Radish Vacation!! 2.

Summer Radish Vacation!!Edit

She is mentioned a few times and in two of the three nights in which it is possible to call to the Shun's home she will answer the phone, in on the third night Kuu will answer the phone but she soon picks up the phone.

After Summer Radish Vacation!!Edit

At some point she started to work at the Summer Radish, at very least by the time Shun had become the manager, and living with Shun at a apartment near it.

Summer Radish Vacation!! 2Edit

In the prologue Rideru call her to find out where Kuu had gone.


  • In Summer Radish Vacation she is vocied but in Summer Radish Vacation 2 she not is.