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To My Child is one of the bad endings in School Days. Unlike most endings which have different routes leading up to the final scenes of the final episode or sometimes episode 5 this ending has two entirely different routes lead up to the ending. In the first route after Sekai becomes pregnant Makoto can start an argument with her over the identity of the father which leads her to disappear for 6 months then return to kill Makoto. In the second route Sekai accidently overhears Makoto and Kotonoha having sex and hears Makoto saying things like how he used her for sex and Kotonoha's body is the only one he wants. Unknown to her this was just Makoto acting against what he truly thinks and doing it only because Kotonoha asked him to pretend. Nevertheless she disappears for 6 months and then returns to kill Makoto. In the LxH version there's an extension to the ending that shows both Sekai and Kotonoha's children and Taisuke and Hikari are married and they have a child together too. The extension is titled End of the Folly (愚行の果てに)
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Route OverviewEdit

Route AEdit

Episode 1 - ConfessionEdit

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Episode 2 - The Distance Between UsEdit

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Episode 3 - First ExperienceEdit

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Episode 4 - With Great ReluctanceEdit

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Ever since that day Makoto and Sekai have constantly gone to each others house to hook up. Makoto's still dating Kotonoha while having an affair with Sekai. Two days before the school festival Kotonoha asks Makoto to see the festival together and Makoto accepts. At the school festival Taisuke comes in to relieve Makoto and tells him to go to his girlfriend. Makoto goes over to Kotonoha only to find her stuck at the reception because Otome and her friend aren't covering their shifts.
Hilarious convo

Makoto asking Otome to ask Obuchi and Koizumi to fill in for Kotonoha but Otome understands it to him asking them to have sex wit him

Otome, Minami Obuchi and Natsumi Koizumi are together when they see Makoto and they both pressure Otome into asking Makoto to see the festival. However Makoto asks to talk to Otome first and due to very poor choice of words Otome is led to believe Makoto has already slept with Koizumi and now wants it's Obuchi's turn even though she's bad. Makoto finally uses says they skipped their shift and explains Kotonoha's been sitting at the reception all this time the misunderstanding is cleared up. Kotonoha and Makoto leave to see the festival and Makoto explains his relationship with Otome.

Makoto suggests going to his class' store to eat when Nanami and Setsuna conspire to break them up for Sekai. They then lie to Makoto saying they're short on people. After some begging Makoto decides to help. Makoto only starts helping a little while when Setsuna tells him they're okay. Makoto goes back to find Kotonoha gone, Nanami having chased her away. She says Kotonoha had something urgent to do but her plan fails when she fails to come up with what it was and Makoto decides to ask Kotonoha in person. Makoto finds Kotonoha at the reception and Kotonoha reveals Nanami told her to stay away from him because he's going to see the festival with someone else. Makoto asks her to believe him instead of her. Kotonoha then tells Makoto of the break room and its tradition among the girls and ask Makoto to the break room. Makoto says he loves her and has sex with her inside the break room. Meanwhile Sekai is invited to the folk dance by Taisuke and accepts. At the next school day Taisuke invites Makoto to a double date at aqua square and Makoto is forced to accept when he says everyone else is coming. At the train station Makoto and Sekai run into each other and she says that she'll be buying a new swimsuit. Nanami and Sekai then go shopping and Nanami helps her boost her confidence and compete with Kotonoha by inflating her breasts to fit in an E-cup.

At the pool Sekai sees Kotonoha in her swimsuit and has her confidence completely crushed. Taisuke and Kotonoha both go onto play on the
Sekai's confidence crushed

Sekai's confidence crushed by the size of Kotonoha's breasts

rides while Sekai and Makoto rest near the poolside. Makoto and Sekai talk and Sekai figures out they've already had sex. Sekai says because Makoto's such a nice guy she can't give up on him. She then cries and then later to cheer up kiss Makoto and them claim that she can really give up now. This is seen by nearby poolgoers and is heard by Kotonoha. On the train ride home Kotonoha asks Makoto to kiss her. Makoto protests because it's in public but Kotonoha insists and they kiss. At home Makoto gets annoyed and confused at Kotonoha then goes to sleep. At the train ride to school Kotonoha is very affectionate and holds onto Makoto's arm during the entire train ride. At school Taisuke and Sekai announce they're a couple and is congratulated by Makoto. Makoto and Kotonoha have lunch together and they have sex. When they're finished lunchtime is long over and they decide to skip class. Before they do however Kotonoha reveals that she knows he kissed someone at the pool and makes him promise to not kiss anyone else. They then play hooky and the next they are chewed out by their teachers and become known throughout the school as a couple.

Episode 5 - The Price of BetrayalEdit

Main article: The Price of Betrayal
The episode starts with with Sekai and Taisuke in bed with Sekai still maintaining an unenthusiastic attitude. Taisuke then asks what she wants as a christmas present she says nothing in particular, prompting him to ask for Makoto's help later. Makoto and Kotonoha are having lunch when Makoto is completely tuned out. Kotonoha deduces it's about Sekai and how depressed she's been lately now that Setsuna's transferred away. Kotonoha gives Makoto a blowjob then they go back when Sekai runs out a room crying with half her clothes on and sperm d
Sekai hug

Makoto embraces Sekai without a thought

ripping from her vagina. Makoto asks what he's doing and Taisuke replies it felt too good to pull out and is completely oblivious to what could happen. At the evening Makoto masturbates to seeing Sekai like that. Taisuke then calls Makoto and talk about their christmas plans. Taisuke then asks Makoto to come with him and Sekai and then figure out what Sekai wants for christmas. They then meet up at the Sakakino-cho station. Taisuke comes late and for punishment lunch is on him. Taisuke goes off with Kotonoha to give Makoto a chance to figure out what Sekai wants. Sekai buys a photostand because Makoto liked it and Makoto couldn't stop it. Later Makoto tries to find out what she wants but turns out she doesn't want anything from the store. Meanwhile Kotonoha goes shopping while using Taisuke as a mule to carry her luggage. They later decide to call it a day and go home when Makoto subtly asks Kotonoha to go away so he can find out what Sekai wants. Sekai and Makoto take the train and Makoto asks if there's anything she wants. Sekai answers she can't have what she wants. Makoto wonders if it's something expensive but Sekai says it's not something you can put a price on. After some prying Sekai reveals she wants Makoto. Makoto immediately hugs Sekai and asks her to take him.

Final Episode - To My ChildEdit

Sekai is at home humming when her mother asks why she's so happy and correctly guesses it's because she got a boyfriend. Youko then talks about her younger days when she was Sekai's age she had long given birth to her when Sekai says that she grew too quickly and has no intention of bringing him home (even though Makoto's already met Youko at her home) when she throws up. Youko asks if she's pregnant and Sekai says she might and isn't sure who is the father. Makoto's at home and calls Taisuke to tell him he couldn't figure out what she wanted from the store. They chat for a while and Makoto tries to tell him about what happened but fails. Makoto fails to sleep and goes to school drowsy. He meets Taisuke and figures out Sekai hasn't told Taisuke what happened either and promise to break up with their respective others at lunchtime. Makoto is having lunch with Kotonoha when she asks if he wants to start having lunch in her classroom since its getting cold and wants everyone to know that he's her boyfriend. Makoto denies it and Kotonoha leaves and Makoto fails to break up with her. He meets Sekai and she has also failed to break up with Taisuke. During class they promise to do it after class. Sekai and Taisuke remain in class to talk and Makoto leaves to find Kotonoha. When they meet Kotonoha apologizes for wanting to show him off as her boyfriend. Makoto then asks to break up with her. Kotonoha doesn't understand and even pleads to change everything about herself that Makoto doesn't li
Sekai collapse

Sekai moments before collapsing

ke. Makoto explains it's not that he has come to hate her but that he's been in love with another girl and now he knows that she loves her too. Kotonoha asks who it is and Makoto reveals it's Sekai. Kotonoha pleads some more to not break up but Makoto leaves. During the evening of the next day Taisuke calls Makoto in "tears" saying he's been dumped and there's someone else she likes. Taisuke asks Makoto who it is when he answers it's him. Taisuke after a pause says that if they were friends he'd never do something like this and hangs up. Sekai comes to Makoto's home to tell him that she's broken up with Taisuke. They then go out walking and officially declare each other as boyfriend/girlfriend when Sekai throws up. She then reveals she's pregnant from all the practice they did before the school festival. At school the next day Kotonoha asks to meet with Sekai alone. She then asks her to stop tryiing seduce him and begs her to give him back to her. Sekai then collapses suddenly is taken to the infirmary and later the hospital. Kotonoha is with her at her
Sekai disappear

Sekai disappears...

home when Makoto comes and Sekai's resting. Kotonoha says that they're disturbing her rest and asks to leave together. They later talk and Kotonoha talks about the possibility of an abortion. Makoto says it would be tough but even her mom's supportive when Kotonoha reveals that she's been pregnant for less than two months meaning it's Taisuke's baby. Makoto says the baby still could be his and says she's wrong. Sekai and her mother talk and Youko says that she'll support her all the way.

The next day Makoto and Sekai have an argument about who the father is that ends with Makoto leaving her. Then he gets back together with Kotonoha and she promises that she'll never betray him and that she wants to have her baby. They go over to Kotonoha's house and Makoto presumably impregnates her. The next day at school Taisuke greets Makoto and tells him Sekai quit school. Right after she quit, Sekai leaves home and disappears. Having not told anyone of her whereabouts, possibly even her mother. She simply ceases to exist.

Route BEdit

Episode 1 - ConfessionEdit

Main article: Confession

Episode 2 - The Distance Between UsEdit

Main article: The Distance Between Us

Episode 3 - First ExperienceEdit

Main article: First Experience

Episode 4 - Bonfire for TwoEdit

Main article: Bonfire for Two
Ever since that day Makoto and Sekai have constantly gone to each others house to hook up. Makoto's still dating Kotonoha while having an affair
Roof dance

A dance on the roof

with Sekai. Two days before the festival they're seen having sex on the rooftop and Makoto cums inside Sekai and is almost caught by Kotonoha because it's leaking. That evening Makoto and Sekai are talking and she mentions how she got freaked out when it started leaking. Makoto then says if he came outside on her clothes it would've been even more obvious. Makoto gets a call from Kotonoha and asks to call Sekai back and Sekai then says she's going to take a bath and Makoto tells her to "wash on the inside too". Kotonoha then asks to see the festival with him but Makoto says he can't but agrees to dance with her at the bonfire. During the school festival Makoto's busy in the kitchen when Taisuke comes to relieve him. Makoto mentions he's free until the bonfire then is forced to help out. After things calm down Sekai asks Makoto to walk around until the bonfire and they go up to the roof. The festival ends and Sekai's happy she got to walk around with Makoto which made her feel like a couple with Makoto. She wants to dance with him but says it would be going too far. Makoto then says he wants to be with her but Sekai says they can't because the bonfire is for couples. Makoto makes a comprimise to dance there on the rooftop because they can hear to sound of the dance and they dance.

Episode 5 - Anything You WantEdit

Main article: Anything You Want

Kotonoha despite being stood up at the bonfire is still hung up on Makoto and is emailing him. Kokoro chats with Kotonoha and makes Kotonoha admit to having a boyfriend and made sandwiches for him. Meanwhile Makoto and Sekai are having sex at Makoto's giant bath. Before Sekai leaves she offers to make lunch for Makoto because the bavarois he made for her was incredibly good. Sekai's feeling down because Setsuna transferred and insists on making lunch for Makoto. After she leaves Makoto remembers Kotonoha's also making lunch for him tomorrow. Sekai comes to school and tells Makoto her mother liked Makoto's bavarois very much. Lunchtime comes and Sekai's excited to have Makoto eat it when Kotonoha comes and takes Makoto away to have lunch with him. Kotonoha asks Sekai to join them but she declines, being disappointed with Makoto. During lunch Makoto says Kotonoha's getting better and Kotonoha asks if he's still close with Sekai. Makoto says no but says they're not on bad terms but aren't that close

Meanwhile Nanami and Hikari, being misinformed of Sekai and Makoto's relationship think they're going out and tells Sekai to keep an eye on h
Pick up

Pick up where we left off

er boyfriend. Sekai denies that he's her boyfriend and says the only time he said he loved her was when they were pretending and that she wants to keep loving him but don't want things to get weird and for him to hate her. Nanami then starts to complain about her boyfriend and his sister's brother complex. Hikari then mentions the guy she's got a one sided thing for is a long-term battle and she's taken "steps".
Kotonoha cry

Kotonoha cries after seeing Makoto having sex with Sekai

After school Makoto and Sekai go up to the roof to talk. Sekai mentions that she didn't need to make him lunch and Makoto apologizes. Sekai then states she doesn't want to be the girl he sleeps with while they hid it from Kotonoha and that it makes her feel guilty. Makoto then apologizes for it and says goodbye but Sekai, not wanting to lose Makoto says she was kidding and asks to pick up where they left off. Makoto then says he's going to be more honest and truthful to himself and says he loves her more than Kotonoha. Kotonoha comes out of her meeting only to run into Nanami and despite being misinformed threatens Kotonoha to make her stay away from Makoto and that he and Sekai have been going out together since the start of the semester. Kotonoha refuses to believe it and runs over to the rooftop to catch Makoto taking Sekai from behind.

At home Kotonoha wonders if Makoto hates her now because she didn't do the things he's doing with Sekai now and that it's her fault she didn't satisfy him and masturbates thinking about Makoto. Makoto and Sekai are at Sekai's after having sex Sekai says he didn't want to do it with her but Kotonoha but Makoto says she's wrong and says he loves her. Sekai says she loves him too and she'll believe she's the one who he loves most. She then apologizes for loving him and that it's causing all sorts of trouble for him. Makoto assures he loves her more then Kotonoha. The next day because Makoto spent the night he doesn't meet up with Kotonoha on the train. During lunchtime Makoto decides to go to Kotonoha to straight up tell her he's going out with Sekai. After meeting her he tries to tell her but before that is invited to the roof by her. Kotonoha insists Makoto come alone but she's called to the staff room to submit a late form. Sekai then asks Nanami and Hikari to keep Kotonoha away from Makoto. Kotonoha comes over to Makoto's home and asks to be invited inside and Makoto says yes. After getting inside Kotonoha offers herself to Makoto and they have sex. After having sex Kotonoha says she'll do anything he wants and agree to anything he wants and asks him to love her the most.

Final Episode - To My ChildEdit

Sekai comes over to Makoto's to have sex with him and to her surprise Kotonoha opens the door and comes in. She then starts to take her clothes off and is questioned by Sekai. Makoto then says she was okay with a threesome and he invited her. Sekai protests but Kotonoha starts to ride Makoto and they all have sex. Sekai and Kotonoha leave and Kotonoha accuses her of setting them up and then taking Makoto away. Sekai says she loves him but Kotonoha says it's fine with her because Makoto promised him no matter how much he has sex with other girls he'll love her the most of all and asks her to stay away if she can't accept that. Sekai says she can do all of that too. The next day Makoto says they've done a lot worse to her than what she's done to them and that he doesn't have Kotonoha but loves Sekai too and maybe it wouldn't be bad if it was the three of them. Sekai doesn't want it saying it's not normal and then Makoto says he and Kotonoha like the way things are and Sekai can leave anytime. During lunch Makoto goes up to the roof to have sex with Kotonoha and while Kotonoha giving Makoto a blowjob Sekai comes.

Sekai tries to stop them but is asked by Kotonoha if she wants a turn. Sekai starts to suck and Kotonoha asks which one of them he wants to put it in. Mak
Sekai brief yandere

Sekai's brief Yandere

oto answers Kotonoha and starts to have sex with her. Sekai unable to continue watching goes away. At her home Sekai's depressed at Makoto and that having sex with just her was not enough for Makoto and masturbates with her phone. She gets an email from Kotonoha saying she's staying at Makoto's on saturday making love with him all day and asks if she can make it. On saturday Sekai hasn't come and they start to have sex. Kotonoha asks Makoto to pretend to be someone who hates Sekai and that he only loves her. Makoto agrees but just for now to pretend. Unfortunately Sekai hears Makoto saying things like how Kotonoha's breasts are much bigger and that he feels pathetic for drowning himself in Sekai's body and that she's only good for holding his sperm. Sekai having heard this and not knowing Makoto was pretending goes into yandere mode for a few seconds then goes home only to throw up. On the next school day Taisuke greets Makoto and tells him Sekai quit school. Right after she quit, Sekai leaves home and disappears. Having not told anyone of her whereabouts, possibly even her mother. She simply ceases to exist.


6 months later Makoto and Kotonoha are at the beach together. They then talk about Sekai and that it's been
Sekai stab after

Makoto and Sekai after she stabs him

half a year since she disappeared. Makoto says he doesn't regret how things ended with them. Kotonoha's revealed to be pregnant with a son and that her parents were really angry with them. However they forgave them when she threated to live with Makoto and not introduce them to their first grandson. They then talk about their future and that they'll have their wedding after their graduation. Kotonoha then says it's been a while since they had sex and they should do it today. She goes to shower and Makoto says he'll come later. Makoto's alone and pondering where Sekai went and then decides to go home.
Makato dead

Makoto, dead

While he's walking Sekai stabs him in the gut with a knife and is reveally to be farther along than Kotonoha. Sekai cries at what Makoto's done to her and yet they're going to find happiness on their own. Makoto says that he's glad she's okay and pays almost no attention to the life threatening wound in his gut. He asks if the baby is his and laughs, then asks if she's going to keep it. Sekai says she has to and Makoto thanks her for haviing his baby. Sekai is horriffied at what she's done when Makoto says that he's been worried and how he's always loved, Sekai runs away before he finished the sentence. Makoto thinks to himself that he has to get home and walks happy despite the fact he's dying. He mentions to himself how he's glad that Sekai's okay and that it's so like Sekai to have his child even though she hates him. He then wonders of she's thought of a name. He then tries to think what he would name it when everything starts to go blurry. He then complains that she went too far with the knife and Kotonoha's waiting for him. He then becomes worried Kotonoha's going to get jealous of him spending time with Sekai. He finally collapses and then laughs. His final thought to himself is that he really did love Sekai.

End of the Folly (LxH extension)Edit

The below scenario is not possible in either the original or the HQ release of the game.

Three years later Makoto's dead and Sekai has disappeared again, leaving her son to the care of her mother Youko.

Youko is with her grandson and Kotonoha is with her son at the park and they talk for a while, Youko being depressed talking about Sekai.

All three possibly Taisuke's

Taisuke and Hikari comes with their own son and Hikari asks about Sekai, but is replied with a depressing response. Later Hikari goes over to the children and Kotonoha and Taisuke alone talk. Kotonoha notes that the children all look similiar and he should apologize for Makoto not for her and that he's the worst. She then says "It seems...I was not the only one", alluding the fact she got raped and that Taisuke raped Sekai too.

Getting To My Child with Kotonoha getting raped is not possible in School Days HQ.

It's alluded that all 3 children are possibly Taisuke's because they look alike and Taisuke allegedly had sex with all 3 girls.

Hair color might allude to the parent's identity


Route NotesEdit