The Couple's World
Chapter 12
Title The Couple's World
Romanji Futari no Sekai
Kanji 二人のセカイ
Release Date November 26, 2007
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Previous Slanted Words
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The Couple's World (二人のセカイ, Futari no Sekai) is the twelfth and final chapter of School Days manga.


In the hospital, Taisuke tries to feed Makoto but he refuses, as he can feed himself. Taisuke continues to insist until Hikari stops him, telling him that he would probably just make Makoto feel worse. She insists that Sekai do it instead, causing Nanami to question her whereabouts. Setsuna tells them that Sekai will be arriving soon, just after she finishes her errand.

Makoto is left to reflect over the incident one week ago. Kotonoha had tried to kill Sekai but he ended up taking the slash meant for her when he pushed her out of the way. Sekai was shocked beyond words and quickly ran to him before they called the Hospital.

Insane Sekai

An Insane Sekai

Sekai soon arrives and leads the others away so that they can have some alone time. Makoto asks Sekai about Kotonoha before he starts to put blame on himself regarding the injury. He promises to take responsibilities for all of his mistakes when his phone suddenly starts to ring.

He answers it to respond to a panicked Kokoro tells him that Kotonoha isn't moving and she is covered in blood. Makoto panics when he realizes that Sekai killed Kotonoha. She reveals this and tells her that Kotonoha was too dangerous for him, then she insists that she will be the one to bring Makoto "happiness" instead. She goes on to tell him that they should "start over on a clean slate" before she embraces a shocked Makoto and presumably she kills him. She escapes and dies of an unknown cause.

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