The Couple's Feelings
Chapter 8
Title The Couple's Feelings
Romanji Futari no Omoi
Kanji 二人の想い
Release Date November 26, 2007
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The Couple's Feelings (二人の想い, Futari no Omoi) is the eighth chapter of School Days manga.


Sekai meets with Makoto and Kotonoha on the roof top and they express relief to know she recovered from the mumps the from the previous day and grabs a drink from Makoto, which was made by Kotonoha. As they spend their time together, Makoto recalls how he spent his day with Sekai the day before and how thankful she was for his visit.

Kotonoha finding her necklace

Kotonoha finding her necklace in the sewer

As Makoto and Kotonoha walk home together, she asks him what he is thinking about. Makoto avoids telling her as it involes him and Sekai, and claims it to be nothing. Suddenly, Kotonoha recalls that his birthday is approaching, but he points out that its a month away before she shows him the necklace he gave to her. She mentions that she is keeping her promise to take good care of it when they suddenly encounter a dog.

They notice its collar and Kotonoha believes it to be friendly and tries to pet the dog, but it is attracted to her necklace and tries to keep it away, but she is pushed and it runs away. She spots her necklace in the sewer and tries to find a way to fish it out, but unable to she sticks her hands into it to try to find it, despite Makoto trying to tell her to stop, since he can make another. Kotonoha refuses though, because it is special to her.

She manages to find it and Makoto wipes her forehead after it gets dirty. Then he starts to realize that he really loves love her.
Makoto and Sekai making out

Makoto and Sekai making out in the rooftop

On the roof top, Makoto meets with Sekai, and he attempts to discuss something important with her. She is quick to intervene and say that she loves him, and claims not to know when she exactly fell for him, but because of all the time they spent together she started to think about him even more.

Despite Makoto's protests about it, she embraces him and says she doesn't care if he loves Kotonoha, as long as she can love him and remain next to him. Then, she kisses him, leading them to start making out.

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