Tanaka (given name unknown) is a minor character in Cross Days. He is a student at Sakakino High and the male class representative of class 1-3, and is in love with the female class rep Setsuna Kiyoura.

Tanaka is from the same middle school as Yuuki Ashikaga, Taisuke Sawanaga and Hikari Kuroda, and remains a close friend of Sawanaga.

Tanaka is unusually tall; this is highlighted by the way the top of the screen cuts off around the level of his shoulders, so his face is never seen. He is not much of a speaker; what little he does say is conveyed in grunts that the characters can understand but the player cannot.

In School Days it is mentioned Tanaka is in the Judo club. During the school festival he fractured his bone while training and Makoto takes his place as committee member.

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