Tamie Kirishima (キリシマ民恵) is Rurika's boss of the Special Defense Force that come from Paris to take Rurika back.


Tamie is a tall woman with an imposing figure. She has short reddish- violet hair and wear red business suit to match her red eyes. She's also wear high heels and thigh high stocking. Tamie has very curvy figure.


Depend on the play's choices, Tamie has two endings. The main difference is that Tamie is pregnant or not.


  • Her name Tamie means "Blessing of the nation". While the meaning of her surname Kirishima varies, the most common meaning is "Island of fog".
  • Unusually, Tamie's surname is rendered in Katakana insteads of Kanji.
  • Tamie has the largest bust size of all female characters in Large PonPon.

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