Summer Opens With Gossip
Summer Opens With Gossip Setsuna
"...I didn't know you had a thing for such little girls."



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Summer Opens With Gossip is a bad ending and one of eight possible second episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

Summer Opens With Gossip

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The episode begins at Sekai's house, where she reveals to Setsuna that she has the mumps.


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Flashback to Makoto and Setsuna meeting after her first shift. She tells Makoto she has a part-time job. Makoto claims that he would like to have one too, but can't because of Itaru. Setsuna asks who Itaru is, and Makoto replies that she's his girlfriend. Seeing Setsuna's reaction, he quickly clarifies that it was a joke.

After Makoto and Itaru leave, Setsuna smirks and says she didn't know Makoto had a thing for such little girls.

Route Edit

Summer Opens With Gossip-0
Summer Opens With Gossip is the shortest possible playthrough of Shiny Days. Upon Makoto and Itaru's first encounter with Setsuna, she asks him who the little girl with him is. To get this ending, Makoto tells Setsuna that Itaru is "my girlfriend." Following this encounter, the game abruptly ends with the ending Summer Opens With Gossip.