Rurika Washino
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair Deep blue
Eyes Deep blue
Affiliation Tamie Kirishima (boss)
Family and Relatives Misaki Washino (sister)

Rurika Washino (鷲野 るり香 Washino Rurika) is Ayumu's girlfriend in Large PonPon. She is 2 years older than him. She leaves him to go work in Paris. 

Upon discovering that she's pregnant from Ayumu, decided to come back and be with him. She eventually gives birth to a son.


Rurika is a young woman with a slender built and deep blue hair. Her hair is often tied into a bun with black ribbon, save for during the sex scenes and few ocassions which she'll let her hair down. She has matching blue eyes and wear an eye glass.


  • Her name Rurika means "fragrant of Lapis Lazuli" while her surname Washino means "eagle field".