Roka Kitsuregawa
Born 24 October
Blood-Type O
Gender Female
Height 150 cm
B.W.H 85-64-88
Hair Purple
Eyes Aquamarine
Occupation High School Student
Family and Relatives Mrs. Kitsuregawa (mother)

Shun Hazama(father)

Seiyuu Ren Minazuki (games)

Roka Kitsuregawa (喜連川路夏 Kitsuregawa Roka) is the main heroine of Cross Days. She was introduced to Yuuki Ashikaga by his sister, Chie, as subsequently developed a feeling toward him. However, a misunderstood between her and Yuuki caused Roka to be dragged into the problem between the latter with Kotonoha and Makoto.


She has purple hair which she ties into two loose ponytails. For reference she's taller than Setsuna and shorter than Sekai and has measurements similiar to her.

School DaysEdit

In the original visual novel she doesn't make an appearance but in the scene where four generic girls are discussing the video they secretly recorded, one of them is mentioned as Roka. It's very probable this is the same Roka because in the HQ version that scene is edited to have her and her friends in there in place of the generic girls. In the HQ version of the visual novel she and her friend are responsible for taping the sexual acts between many people in the break room. It's then revealed this is the first time she's seen anyone have sex. She replies shut up when asked if she's a virgin. They all then decide to invite everyone who was captured in the video to view it together.

When view the video, it revealed that Roka fancied Makoto. Roka said that is a "total shock" when he got a girlfriend, although she doesn't like him THAT much.

Shiny Days Edit

In the ending Lending out Makoto, she is one of the customers that sleeps with Makoto.

Cross DaysEdit

Roka Kitsuregawa is a student in year one of class two who is a member of the woman's basketball team and serves as the heroine of the story. Tender and friendly, she initially comes upon Yuuki in the school library, and, following a more developed acquaintance through his sister Chie, becomes attracted to him. Like Yuuki, Roka herself is also short and petite, standing roughly his height and equally as intimidated and timid. She is friends with Chie, Ion Ishibashi, and Youka Kira.



  • She's named after the Kitsuregawa Clan. 
  • Her name can be translated as "Summer of paths".