not to be confused with Rin Inou from Summer Radish Vacation 2.
Rin Sekihata
Born 29 February
Blood-Type O
Gender Female
Height 124.3 cm
Weight 24 kg
B.W.H 59-46-60
Hair Sandy blond
Eyes Blue
Family and Relatives Kunihiro Sekihata (father)

Moeka Inou (mother)

Seiyuu Natsumi Sakura (credited as Mai Iwaizumi)

Rin Sekihata (関端 りん Sekihata Rin) is a secret heroine in PureMail. She is the daughter of Kunihiro Sekihata and Moeka Inou .

Her mother Moeka Inou was taken away from her and her father by Tomaru Sawagoe.

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