not to be confused with Rin Sekihata from PureMail.
Rin (possibly Rin Inou)
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father)

Kagura Inou (mother)
Moegi Inou (grandmother)
Hajime Inou (older sister)
Mai (older sister)
Wataru (older half-brother)
Hinako (younger half-sister)
Yotsuba (younger sister)


"Rinrin" from Sister Princess.

Rin (りん) is a character in Summer Radish Vacation 2. She appears to be an older version of the girl named Rinrin from Sister Princess, a game previously worked on by the Stack employees that form 0verflow.

She is the daughter of Kagura Inou and Tomaru Sawagoe. Due to the tradition of children in the Inou family taking on their mother's surname instead of Tomaru's, this has led some fans to refer to her as Rin Inou, although this is not a canonical name used within the games or the official chart.



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