Rika Inou
Gender Female
Hair Orange
Eyes Reddish-brown
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father/grandfather/great-grandfather/great-great-grandfather/great-great-great-grandfather/half-great-great-granduncle/lover)

Risa Inou (mother/paternal half-sister/)
Rio Inou (grandmother/paternal half-sister)
Hajime Inou (great-grandmother/paternal half-sister)
Kagura Inou(great-great-grandmother/paternal half-sister)
Moegi Inou(great-great-great-grandmother/paternal half-aunt)

Seiyuu Sayaka Aoki (credited as Rumiko Sasa)

Rika Inou (伊能 理香 Inō Rika) is a character in Summer Radish Vacation 2. She is the daughter of Risa Inou and Tomaru Sawagoe. She also has an unnamed younger sibling from the same parents.



  • Her name Rika means "Logic of Fragrant" or "Fragrance of truth" while her surname Inou means "that one skill".
  • Rika is the youngest character to get pregnant across the games, lower than Rin Sekihata and Kagura Inou.
  • According to the 0verflow character adultery chart Rika has children with Tomaru and Kuu but the official continuity is still unknown.

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