Rideru Takatsukasa
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (father)

Arisu Takatsukasa (mother)
Shun Hazama (half-bother)
Toki Hazama (half-sister)
Kuu Hazama (half-bother)

Rideru Takatsukasa (鷹司 りでる Takatsukasa Rideru) is the daughter of Arisu Takatsukasa via Tomaru. She is the protagonist of Summer Radish Vacation 2. Depending on the route of the game she may end up having a child with her dad or succeed in her love life with her childhood friend.


  • Her name Rideru appears to be of western origin with the name being hiragana of "Riddle" or "Liddell", similar to her mother's name while her surname Takatsukasa means "Ruling Hawk".
  • Rideru is the second female protagonist after Kagura Inou.
  • According to the 0verflow character adultery chart Rideru has children with Tomaru and Kuu but the official continuity is still unknown.