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Rain of Carnage is a bad ending and one of 25 possible fourth episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

The plot of Rain of Carnage is identical to Substitute up to the point where Shun stops Kokoro from escaping Makoto.

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Menu background after ending

Makoto tells Kokoro that he can't wait any more to be with her again, which scares her.

Meanwhile, Setsuna is in Paris with Youko and Mai. Shun calls Mai and tells her to pass along a message to Setsuna that she should give up on her boyfriend. Back at the Radish, Makoto forces himself on Kokoro while Shun receives a blowjob from Futaba.


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Sometime later, Makoto visits the school where Kokoro is being tutored. When he arrives, the tutor, Kasannoin Kyouichi is there with Kanroji Yae. Makoto, expecting Uzuki to be there, asks where she is. Kyouichi hesitantly replies that she's sick (and accidentally implicates that she may be pregnant), and that Yae will be taking her place for the evening. Kyouichi goes on to say that he trusts Makoto to keep their sexual activities with students a secret. Kokoro, standing by Makoto and clearly upset, whispers to herself, "someone save me."

Cut to the dramatic entrance of a shadowy figure, the flash of a sword, and a closeup of Kotonoha's face twisted in fury. It's implied that Kotonoha kills Makoto and Kyouichi and burns the building down, as seen in the menu background after the ending.

Route Edit

Rain of carnage
The route to Rain of Carnage is not available in the censored version of Shiny Days.

In the uncensored version of the game, the route for this ending is identical to Substitute up to the point where Shun stops Kokoro from escaping. When Makoto catches up, he says "I can't take it anymore." Once the dialogue is chosen, the ending will be Rain of Carnage.