Radish (ラディッシュ) a restaurant chain that appears in the Radish Vacation series and Summer Days/Shiny Days. There are five known Radish shops

Snow Radish (スノーラディッシュ): It's a roadside restaurant and a pension with a hot spring. Moegi Inou was the manager with Kagura Inou and Arisu Takatsukasa as the waitresses. Hatsuka Hazama and the mother of Wakaba Nijou also appeared to work here for quite sometimes. During his stay Tomaru Sawagoe used the employees for prostitution to the customers. It's located on a mountain in Motehara beside the prefectural road. The uniforms here are waitress uniform, inn hostess uniform and nurse uniform.

Summer Radish first shop (サマーラディッシュ1号店): Originally it was a beach house until it was renovated into a family restaurant. At the time of Summer Radish Vacation Kagura Inou was the manager with Mai and Youko also worked here as the waitresses, at the time Summer Radish Vacation 2 Shun Hazama is the Manager and in Summer/Shiny Days Youko Saionji is the manager. It is located in Haramihama. For unknown reasons the name is just Radish in Summer Days/Shiny Days. In Summer Radish Vacation, the uniforms here are Marine Paradise, Blue Wind and Princess Emerald.

Third Radish shop: Asagi Inou is the manager and is located in Sakakino town near the Sakakino Seiryou School.

Summer Radish fourth shop: (サマーラディッシュ4号店): Rio Inou is the Manager and owned by Tomaru. Rideru Takatsukasa, Kuu Hazama and Rin are employed here.

Aoi School near Summer Radish: A Summer Radish located in Aoi town near the Aoi School. Kuu Hazama formerly worked there as a part-time work