Oruha Hashimoto
Born 29 February
Gender Female
Height 158cm
B.W.H 89-65-87
Hair Blue
Eyes Blue
Affiliation Radish
Occupation waitress of Radish
Oruha Hashimoto (橋本 織葉) is a character in Summer Days and Shiny Days. She's a waitress at the Radish restaurant.

Summer/Shiny DaysEdit

Oruha is a waitress employed at Radish and a co-worker of Setsuna. Although questioning at Setsuna's ability and skill as a waitress at first, she gradually comes to accept her after witnessing Setsuna easily pleases Manami Katsura with her perfect skill at suggestion and memorization of the restaurant's complex menu.


With Ryuuji in the Sacred Forest

She is established to have a boyfriend from the start but breaks up with him after he is revealed to be two-timing both her and her younger sister. Due to this, she becomes involved and eventually dated Ryuuji. It's further revealed in Inori Route that the reason she goes out with him is because he saved her from her ex-boyfriend (and beat him up).

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