Noan Murayama
Born 3 March
Blood-Type AB
Gender Female
Height 159cm
B.W.H 92-66-88
Hair Brown
Eyes Violet
Affiliation Radish
Occupation University Student
Seiyuu Hara Yuka

Noan Murayama (村山 野杏) is a character in Summer Days and Shiny Days. She's a waitress at the Radish restaurant, Noan Murayama is roughly the same as Oruha, though she is more gentle and easygoing. Setsuna looks up to her as a role model.

Summer Days Edit

In Summer Days Noan is a secondary character who appears in the Radish restaurant as a waitress, giving advice to Setsuna. Also on the routes of Youko is she who interrogates Makoto when he goes to look for Setsuna to Radish, to which he responds in a joke mode that is looking for Youko, it is then that she has a misunderstanding and set up the first meeting between Makoto and Youko. More advanced this route when Youko goes of business trip, and sees to Makoto accompanied by other girls, she says to him that it is not unfaithful.

Shiny Days Edit

The role of Noan in Shiny Day expands, turning it into another heroine with a ending of her own Dreaming Big.

Trivia Edit

  • When she has a misunderstanding that Makoto is looking for a Youko, and Noan talks to her, she says that Makoto is cute.

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