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No More Tears To Cry is one of the 13 possible bad endings in Shiny Days and one of the eight possible second chapters.

Plot Edit

The episode starts at Sekai's house, where she reveals to Setsuna she has the mumps.

In the next scene, we can see Makoto and Setsuna talking, she tells Makoto she has a partial job and Makoto tells her he wants to have partial job but can't because of her sister (Itaru).

In the next scene, we can see Setsuna welcoming the same customer that tried to hit one her last time. When she's done and goes to the kitchen, Youko tells her she's bad at the job but that she's getting better. Setsuna goes to attend a rough customer (Manami Katsura), when she's done with that customer, she attends Hikari.

In the next scene, we can see Setsuna waiting for Makoto at the beach, who sneaks into her, they talk together and Makoto asks her if she's going to do something, she says she's going home and Makoto tells her to go home together, but he notices she's worried about something and asks her why, she won't tell him so he asks her if she got fired but Setsuna tells him she didn't, but Makoto keeps thinking about it without results. Setsuna goes home and talks with her mother.

No More Tears to Cry

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In the next scene, we can see Setsuna with her workmates at the vestuary. After that, she attends the Manami, Hikari (and a friend of her) and Kokoro again. We can see Setsuna with her workmates at the vestuary again, their workmates talk together and Setsuna leaves to the beach where she finds Itaru, Makoto greets Setsuna and presents her to Karen as her classmate. Karen and Otome ask him to help them for preparing for a festival but Makoto says he can't since he has to take care of his sister, Makoto goes home and Setsuna stays in the beach for awhile. Later, at home, she practices smiling for attending at the Radish.

The next day, we can see Setsuna with her workmates at the vestuary again where she says she won't give up. In the next scene, we can see Makoto's house, Itaru tells him to go shopping since their mom forgot to. After another cut, we can see Setsuna doing better at her job, Youko asks her to clean the street, here, she meets Makoto and Kokoro says he's her boyfriend and Makoto confirms. Makoto stares at Setsuna body and she calls him a pervert, before he leaves, he asks her how her job is and they talk about her Manami and the Manami hear them and asks if she's the costumer they were talking about, when she's gone, Makoto apologizes to Setsuna and leaves. She later attends the rough client and serves her the expired cheesecake by accident and drops the glass of water on her because of one of the clients who tried to touch her ass.

In the next scene, we can see Makoto talking with Otome, Yamagata and Setsuna. Otome, Yamagata and Setsuna leave. After that, we can see Setsuna crying in her bed. In the last scene, we can see Makoto in the beach with Itaru and Otome, he says she won't come (referring to Setsuna).

Route Edit

No More Tears To Cry

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Determining the exact route to No More Tears To Cry is difficult, as there are many conversation options in this chapter that affect the path you take as well as the bar.

By all appearances, No More Tears To Cry is achieved if the bar is not full enough following Makoto's first encounter with Setsuna at the Radish Restaurant; although, the exact threshold required to avoid this ending is difficult to determine.

Generally speaking, in order to endure the issues she's struggling with at work, Setsuna needs to believe that Makoto is there for her. If the bar is full enough after Makoto first encounters Setsuna wearing her uniform at the Radish, then chapter 2 will be either Part-time Job or Drowning in Secrets.