Nanami Kanroji
Nanami anime
Name Nanami Kanroji
Kanji 甘露寺 七海
Seiyuu Chiaki Takahashi
Status Alive
First Apperance Crossing Thoughts

Nanami Kanroji is the minor character of School Days anime.


Nanami has short spiky dark purple hair with blue slightly narrow pointed eyes. She is almost always seen in her school uniform




OVA StoryEdit

Valentine DaysEdit

Otome restrains Kotonoha

Nanami participates teasing Kotonoha with Otome

Nanami was first seen in a onset with other girls here she notice Otome who was shocked by Kotonoha's breast size,despite it's too late to mention it she was also amazed as well casuing Kotonoha to cover her chest from both of them prompting Otome to restrain her leaving Nanami to teasefully stares at her breasts,afterwards Sekai orchestrated to playfully hit Makoto and Taisuke by luring them to claim that they having a mixed gender bath which they fall from it,however like Kotonoha she doesn't tease them only kept quiet as she watches.

At the Radish Restaurant Nanami was with Otome,Hikari,and Sekai while like Otome she listens to Sekai and Hikari's discussion upon both of the latter's plan for the upcoming Valentines day she then claims that while giving chocolates was a waste of time it has a small chance of success,she was never seen during Valentines day.


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