Gender Female
Hair Purple
Eyes Aquamarine
Affiliation Roka's mother
Occupation Mother/Hostess
Family and Relatives Roka Kitsuregawa (daughter)
Shun Hazama (ex-lover)

Ms. Kitsuregawa is Roka's mother and one of Shun's ex-lovers. She has dark, wavy purple hair and eyes that greatly resemble her daughter's. She appears in Cross Days and comes to the Radish restaurant in Shiny Days looking for Shun who she still thought was the manager.


At glance, Ms.Kitsuregawa appears to be temperamental person: getting angry easily whenever Shun is involved in the topic or doesn't get what she wants. Her fiery temper is not something that can be calmed down quickly even by her friend Natsuhi Ebata.

However, later in the story, she is also shown to have a gentle and sentimental side: she politely speaks to Setsuna and is kind to her in general, as well as the fact that she feels that her daughter hate her because of her occupation as a bar hostess. When Shun reveals to her that he wants to reform from his womanizing habit and be a good family man, she whole heartly supports him even though she still loves him.

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