Motehara commercial college (模手原商科大学) also known as Motehrashou (もてはらしょー) is an elementary school.

Students move on to Moteharachuu, a junior high school.


  1. Kagura Inou attended this school and gave birth to three children (first 2 by Tomaru, second by Moteharashou's principal) while a student:
    1. Hajime as a 4th-year
    2. Mai as a 5th-year
    3. Wataru as a 6th-year
  2. Hatsuka Hazama attended this school and gave birth to her first son while a student.
    1. Shun as a 5th-year
  3. Ms.Nijou attended this school and gave birth to her only daughter while a student.
    1. Wakaba as a 6th-year
  4. Youko

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