Mom's Boyfriend
Moms Boyfriend Makoto Mai
"Please don't think I'm stealing your mother away."



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Mom's Boyfriend is a Kiyoura Mai ending and one of 12 possible third episodes in Shiny Days.

Plot Edit

The plot of Mom's Boyfriend is almost identical to As a Mother and as a Woman except in two regards:


Episode title

When Makoto visits the Radish late at night to meet Youko and Mai, he is uncomfortable with them drinking. Youko goes right back to work, leaving Mai to question Makoto. Makoto seduces her, but is interrupted by the arrival of Manami.

Moms Boyfriend

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Mai goes in to help with the work, and Youko steps out for a break. Manami witnesses her kissing Makoto before she goes back in. She then proceeds to question Makoto about his relationship with Mai and Youko, and he ends up seducing her as well.

After the festival, Makoto is caught between Youko and Manami in an argument over him. Mai shows up and asks Setsuna to get him out of the situation. She does so, but is then astonished when Makoto and Mai leave together.

Route Edit

Routemap Moms Boyfriend

Getting the ending Mom's Boyfriend requires only minor changes from the route taken to As a Mother and as a Woman.

When Makoto visits the Radish at night, allow the "Sure" option to time out when Youko asks if it's okay for she and Mai to have a drink. This will cause her to go right back to work and require a break later, where Manami will witness her kissing Makoto. This will cause Manami's opinion of him to change a bit, as she will now be convinced that he is fooling around with both Mai and Youko, all the while dating Setsuna.

Mom's Boyfriend also requires that Mai be seduced prior to Manami's arrival. Most options that involve Mai not being seduced end with Makoto leaving before Manami arrives, however, so this is easily achieved.