Moeko Itou
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Occupation Nurse
Family and Relatives Tomaru Sawagoe (ex-lover)

Makoto Itou (son/lover)
Itaru Itou (daughter)

Seiyuu Motoi Emi (as Nogami Nana)(Shiny Days)(Strip Battle Days 2)

Moeko Itou (伊藤 萌子 Itō Moeko) is the mother of Makoto Itou, the protagonist of School Days. She also has a daughter named Itaru Itou, who is currently living with her divorced husband Tomaru Sawagoe.


Moeko in Shiny Days


From her off screen appearances in School Days HQ, it can be gathered that she's a kind and caring mother, altough like most stereotypical mothers she puts down Makoto occasionally.


  • Makes her first on screen appearance in Shiny Days.
  • It's not made exactly clear when was Moeko married to Tomaru as he should be married to Tomoe Sawagoe around the time of Makoto's birth (Summer Radish Vacation). However, it's also possible that she's his mistress.
  • She is the first character to be given two different designs.
  • Her name bears a phonetic resemblance to Moegi Inou, another of Tomaru's former lovers. 
  • In Strip Battle Days 2 she had sex with Makoto Itou and was pregnant with his child.