Moeka Inou
Gender Female
Family and Relatives Kunihiro Sekihata (ex-husband)

Tomaru Sawagoe (father/maternal half-uncle/lover)
Moegi Inou (mother)
Asagi Inou (aunt)
Jou Inou (grandfather)
Kagura Inou (older sister)
Ayumu Inou (older brother)
Youko Saionji (older sister)
Hajime Inou (half-sister/niece)
Mai Kiyoura (half-sister/niece)
Wataru (nephew)
Rina Inou (half-sister/niece)
Yukari Nagawa (half-sister/cousin)
Midori Nagawa (niece/cousin)
Sakura Nagawa (niece/cousin)
Sekai Saionji (niece)
Rin Sekihata (daughter)
Unamed child

Moeka Inou (伊能 萌華) later Moeka Sekihata (関端 萌華) is the ex-wife of Kunihiro Sekihata and the mother of Rin Sekihata.


Moeka is the third daughter of Tomaru Sawagoe and Moegi Inou, it's unknown whether she is aware that Tomaru is her father. She attended the Harami Middle School. When she was a third year her teacher Kunihiro Sekihata fell in love with her at first sight, he half forcibly took her virginity and started a relationship with her. They waited for Moeka's graduation and got married the following year. In following year she gave birth to their daughter, Rin Sekihata. At some point she had an affair with Tomaru and became pregnant, which was discovered the following year, after that she and Tomaru disappeared together. Three years later Kunihiro divorced her.


  • Her name Moeka means budding flower. Oddly enough, Moeka doesn't have similar naming theme like her three siblings, she instead has similar theme with her mother Moegi.
  • She is the only child of Moegi to not make a direct appearance.