Minami Obuchi
Obuchi Minami
Born 25 June
Blood-Type B
Gender Female
Height 164cm
B.W.H 78-62-82cm
Affiliation Sakakino Gakuen
Occupation High School Student
Seiyuu Minami Kuribayashi

Minami Obuchi (小渕 みなみ Obuchi Minami) is a minor character in School Days. She is a member of class four who is the most obedient friend of Otome and bullies Kotonoha. She is one of Otome's lackeys. She also makes an appearance in Cross Days.



She is an upbeat girl who is completely devoted to Otome. She seems to be slightly more passive than her friends, rather going with what the others are doing instead of taking charge.


Other mediaEdit


  • Makoto Itou - In one ending of Cross Days, Minami took advantage of situation between Otome and Kotonoha to make Makoto her boyfriend.


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