Miki Sawanaga
Sawanaga Miki
Born 29 May
Blood-Type A
Gender Female
Height 161.9 cm
Weight 50.4 kg
B.W.H 86-57-80
Hair Brown
Eyes Amber
Affiliation Aoi School
Family and Relatives Ayumu Inou (father)

Mrs. Sawanaga (mother)
Mr. Sawanaga (stepfather)
Taisuke Sawanaga (brother)
Midori Nagawa (half-sister)

Seiyuu Kanoko Hatamiya (credited as Chiaki Kojima)

Miki Sawanaga is Taisuke's older sister. She was a character in PureMail. She is part of the basketball club.

In one story arc in PureMail After, when Kei Ogata attempts to romance her, he accidentally hooks up with her little brother Taisuke instead.