Kyomi Kasannoin
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Family and Relatives Kyouichi Kasannoin (brother)

Kyomi Kasannoin (花山院 恭美) is the sister of Kyouichi Kasannoin. She is only mentioned in School Days and makes an appearance in Cross Days. In the visual novel she's revealed to have a brother complex.


She's noted to be incredibly cute by Nanami.


She's mentioned by Nanami to have a huge brother complex. When Nanami came to visit her boyfriend she didn't let her in and Nanami had to call Kyouichi to let her in.

School DaysEdit

She's only mentioned by Nanami after she finds her annoying after coming to her and Kyouichi's house. During Nanami's time there she repeatedly tries to show Nanami up and doesn't make any attempt ot hide her affection for her brother.
Kiyomi background

Kyomi during a random background scene in School Days HQ

Shiny Days Edit

She has a cameo in one very specific route. Makoto overhears odd noises coming from behind nearby bushes and uncovers her older brother, Kyouichi, raping her.

Cross Days Edit

She's shown to be jealous of the number of women her brother's dated and insists he only show interest in her. In certain routes, Kyouichi is revealed to have sexually assaulted her.