I'm Sorry
Kotonoha bullied
Kotonoha being bullied



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I'm Sorry is one of the 15 possible episode 4 in the visual novel and one of the 4 episodes to follow Relationships Revealed, the other 3 being Waiting in

Vain, No More Hesitation and Kotonoha Broken. In this episode Makoto stays devoted to Sekai completly, to the point of ignoring Kotonoha completly during the school festival

Plot Edit

Makoto and Sekai have just finished having sex with numerous condom wrappers, tissues and other items to indicate they've had sex an incredible number of times. They talk about recent events and how they had to tell Kotonoha about them because Makoto's in love with Sekai. At school the festival has started and the trio have finished building the break room. They then bully Kotonoha then asks her to prove she's going out with Makoto. Kotonoha then meets Makoto and asks him to come with her. Makoto's about to say no but she then says if he's busy he can come later. Makoto then says he's going to see the festival with Sekai. Kotonoha then begs for him to come and that she'll be waiting no matter what. She then bumps into Taisuke while carrying some chairs and he helps her carry them. Taisuke asks Kotonoha to see the festival but is declined by Kotonoha. At class 3 many people are absent and Nanami also ditches them to go out with her boyfriend. Setsuna then tells Sekai and Makoto to go take a break and then discreetly mentions to Sekai that they can take their time.

Makoto and Sekai go back to the class and Sekai stays to help while Makoto goes out. He witnesses Kotonoha being bullied by Otome and her friends and realizes it's his fault. He comes out to everyone's surprise and states he's come to see Kotonoha, then says he's sorry and leaves, effectively dumping her. The girls who were bullying Kotonoha back off and Otome, despite bullying her on a regular basis encourages her to cheer up and leaves. Kotonoha is frozen from what happened at the reception desk when Taisuke runs into her. Kotonoha starts crying with Taisuke there to presumably comfort her.

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