I'm His Wife
I'm His Wife
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I'm The Wife

School Days HQ Name

I'm His Wife

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I'm His Wife is an epilogue to the endings Bavarois and Lust. It cannot be achieved on it's own and can only be achievable through only a single route in which Makoto gets Setsuna pregnant. After the Bavarois or Lust ending a post-ending scene plays with Setsuna pregnant coming to Makoto's home and says "I'm His Wife".

This ending has no official name and it's name is taken from what Setsuna says before the scene ends. It was referred to as the "I'm The Wife" ending by fans before the HQ release and in the HQ release Setsuna's quote is translated as "I'm His Wife". The ending is given a name in the LxH release, titled Watermelon (西瓜).
Watermelon Title

School Days LxH Title

Route OverviewEdit

Main article: Bavarois#Route_A_-_I.27m_The_Wife


After the credits roll if the player has cum inside Setsuna a post ending scene is shown. Some while has passed since it's summer and Makoto and Sekai/Kotonoha are still dating. It can be safely assumed Kotonoha/Sekai didn't kill anyone. Makoto's complaining about the heat and is eating a watermelon when his mother reminds his girlfriend is coming. There's a letter for Makoto that's in french. He opens it and then from shock spits out what was in his mouth. Inside the letter is a picture of Setsuna pregnant in front of the Arc de Triomphe. On it it's written "I will be giving birth in Japan, so I'll return around the time when you get this letter. Please think of a name, Setsuna" (only in the LxH version). The doorbell then rings and Setsuna shows up with Sekai/Kotonoha and says "I'm his Wife".


  • The maternity record book that Setsuna is holding in the end is similar to the one that Rurika shows in the beginning of Large PonPon.
    Maternity record book
  • The Japanese wikipedia doesn't classify this to be an ending
  • In Summer/Shiny days the yellow 2 seater in the main menu picture was shown to be Youko Saionji's car, while the dark crossover was shown to be Mr Katsura's car. Since it's very improbable that these cars would be in Paris in front of the Arc de Triomphe, it's likely that the designs were simply used for the main menu picture.