Hanon Nijou
Gender Female
Hair Greenish Brown
Eyes Greenish Brown
Affiliation Watojo
Occupation High School Student
Family and Relatives Shun Hazama (father/half-uncle)

Wakaba Nijou (mother)
Kazuha Nijou (sister)
Futaba Nijou (sister)
Mitsuba Nijou (sister)
Yotsuba Nijou (sister)
Shinaha Nijou (sister)
Kotoha Nijou (sister)
Komiha Nijou (sister)
Konaha Nijou (sister)
Makoto Itou (half uncle)

Seiyuu Natsumi Takamori (under name "Toa Yukimura")

Hanon Nijou (二条 葉音) is the older sister of Kazuha and Futaba Nijou. She first made her appearance in Cross Days and often appears with Niki Ookuma, her best friend. Unknown to everyone, Hanon is one of the "other women" of Kyouichi Kasannoin. Like Ai Yamagata, Hanon also went to the same middle school with Makoto and is rumored to have fallen for him as well. She is popular with male students from other schools and is rumored to have sex with minors.


Like younger twin sisters, Hanon sports greenish-brown bob cut hair with same colored eyes and bears exact appearance as them. The only way to differentiate her from her sisters is her blue headband. She is shown to wear a Watajo Uniform during the event of Cross Days and black hoodie with skirt during the event of Shiny Days.



Joking with Makoto

Hanon appears to be an outgoing person, similar to her friend Niki. She however, is known to have many sexual partners through her compensate dating activities, and is known to be joking around a lot. Hanon doesn't get along with Otome Katou due to the latter used to beat her up when she was mistaken to be interested in Makoto Itou like most of the other girls in the middle high school, although she gets along fine with Otome's little sister Karen Katou


Hinting about her lifestyle

She also appear to not have good relationship with her mother since she rarely stays at home to look after her younger sisters due to her sexually active lifestyle. Despite that, Hanon appears to be skilled in taking care of them since she easily puts Itaru to sleep easily, something that Makoto notes.

Shiny DaysEdit

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  • Her name means "Sound of leaves". Unlike her younger sisters, her name doesn't contain kanji for number; in this case, zero. However, her name still fit the theme as the "non" part cpuld be pun on "none" which mean zero.
  • Her surname "Nijou" comes from the Nijou Clan. 
  • Interestingly enough, she is one of the few female characters to not have any interest in Makoto Itou, nor having any sex scene with him. In addition, despite being stated to be one of the most sexually active characters, she's not shown to have sex with anyone on screen wither in the main games or Strip Battle Days.