Futaba Nijou
Nijou Futaba
Gender Female
Hair Greenish Brown
Eyes Greenish Brown
Occupation Middle School Student
Family and Relatives Shun Hazama (father/half-uncle/lover)

Wakaba Nijou (mother)
Hanon Nijou (sister)
Kazuha Nijou (twin sister)
Mitsuba Nijou (sister)
Yotsuba Nijou (sister)
Makoto Itou (half-uncle)

Seiyuu Yayoi Sougetsu

Futaba Nijou (二条 二葉) is the third daughter of Wakaba Nijou and Shun Hazama as well as Kazuha younger twin sister and Hanon younger sister. She's a good friend of Karen Katou.


She, along with her twin sister, older sister and mother all bear great resemblence to each other.

School DaysEdit

She doesn't appear in the anime and makes an appearance in a certain harem ending and is mentioned in one of Hikari's ending.

In the harem ending Kazuha comes to Makoto's home and finds her there and all three of them are planning to "hang out". Makoto says "shall we get going" and the game ends.

In Hikari's ending she along with her sister wants to have sex with Makoto but Makoto mentions that these first years don't want Makoto himself but are just curious about sex.

Summer/Shiny DaysEdit

She and her twin sister are more involved in the story and have endings dedicated to them.

With exception their main route, Futaba is seen in most of routes seducing and having sexual relationship with her father Shun.

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