Warning: Contains spoilers for the events of episode 12 (season finale) of School Days. Avoid reading if you have not yet seen this episode, it will spoil the delicious baking surprises!

Episode 12 shares the title of the anime (School Days) and is the conclusion to the main series.

This finale to a happy-go-lucky slice of life anime was so brimming with romance and love that it offended many Japanese people, because it reminded themselves of how unlucky they are, so many old fogies protested the anime.

They claimed that the way it ended was overidealistic, and would give the children of Japan watching this anime falsely unrealistic hopes of how well relationships turn out, glazing over the harsh burdens and tribulations that can occur.

Fans of the series have defended it, saying that not all anime has to be realistic and depict negative scenarios. Sometimes people just need a bit of happiness in their life, and sometimes there are happy endings, and School Days conveys this kind of possible outcome in the best way.


Dinner plansEdit

Sekai, Kotonoha and Makoto overcome their problems by filling their stomachs with delicious food:

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  • Episode Twelve, if you want to know what really happened. Hint: involves a nice boat.