(Each paragraph represents a five minute break.)

The episode starts off with Makoto phoning Kotonoha's phone, only to be answered by Kotonoha's sister, Kokoro, instead. The two then talk on the school roof the next day and find out that Kokoro would like to meet Makoto. Meanwhile, Kotonoha is becoming increasingly jealous of the close relationship between Sekai and Makoto becoming evident directly after their talk. Later in class, Kotonoha is bullied by Otome and the trio in which Otome establishes her authority over the trio and Kotonoha by pointing out that her planning committee job should be more important than her boyfriend. Kotonoha is intimidated into being the lone committee person and Otome leaves with her friends.

After school, Hikari spots Kotonoha and Makoto on the train together and decides to spy on them. Makoto then hugs Kotonoha for being troubled after reassuring her that they are, in fact, dating. Kotonoha gets nervous, breaks away and leaves the train then looks as if she regrets it and turns around just in time to see the train depart. Hikari is then seen walking away glaring at Kotonoha with her phone out. She sends a text message to Sekai whom receives it after finishing her shift at Radish, saying that something is going on between Makoto and Kotonoha while referring to Makoto as Sekai's boyfriend to which she quickly denies. She then berates Makoto over the phone that night about places and mood for such events, which he regards as being "pains".

This five minute segment (10:00-15:00 min) consisted of Sekai berating Makoto, Otome bullying Kotonoha and Sekai's friends teasing her about Makoto being her possible love interest. It also foreshadows the sexual undertones of the school festival.

On Sunday, Makoto is invited to Kotonoha's house and decides to go and buy something new for the occasion. Sekai is finally convinced that nothing is going on between Kotonoha and Makoto. The two of them spend a fun time with Kokoro and it is only afterward that Kotonoha reveals what has been bothering her: she would like for them to address each other by their first names. Makoto agrees, and after sharing a quick laugh, leaves for home.

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During the house party

That night, Kotohona kisses Makoto on the cheek and Makoto admits to Sekai that he is getting tired of spending time with Kotohona.