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The Days series of games have multiple endings that are gotten depending on the player choices. Strictly speaking, the endings do not have a name, but usually take their name from the final episode the route concludes with. All the endings have a main menu picture, which replaces the old one when the player finishes a playthrough. When the player gets every single ending a special main menu picture permenantly becomes active, which cannot be changed.


This Menu picture indicates that the player has achieved all the endings in the SD HQ at least once.

Unprofessional route map

Complete Route map for School Days HQ

In School Days, there's 21 possible endings for the player to experience. 20 of the endings are stand alone, while 1 plays as an epilogue to a certain 2 routes. The endings are divided as follows.

In School Days LxH Hikari's 2 endings are removed, 6 new bad endings are added and the original 3 bad endings have an epilogue. Setsuna's ending also gets a proper name. It is currently unknown if all the epilogues have their own main menu picture. The endings are divided as follows.

  • 9 Bad Endings (12 if counting the extensions)
  • 5 Sekai Endings
  • 7 Kotonoha Endings
  • 1 Setsuna Ending
  • 1 Otome Ending
  • 2 Harem Endings

In School Days HQ the original 21 endings are retained and 1 bad ending is added, All of the LxH versions extra content are ignored. The endings are divided as follows:

In Summer Days, most of the endings are devoted to Setsuna, Youko, and Kotonoha. Also several endings can also be reached for Manami, Sekai, the Nijou Sisters, Karen, Otome and Hikari. There is one bad ending which involves Mai restraining Makoto and has Setsuna whip him dominatrix way. Shiny Days adds several new endings devoted to Inori and Noan and a few more bad endings, for example one that involves Makoto being murdered by Kotonoha. According to the route map Shiny Days has 38 ending points. The endings are divided as follows:
Shin Days Full Clear

This menu picture indicates the player has achieved every ending in Shiny Days at least once

Shiny days route map

Complete Route Map for Shiny Days, note the ending points before the last chapter

  • ? Setsuna Endings
  • ? Sekai Endings
  • ? Kokoro Endings
  • ? Kotonoha Endings
  • ? Inori Endings
  • ? Youko Endings
  • 1 Manami Ending
  • ? Mai Ending
  • 1 Karen Ending
  • 1 Noan Ending
  • 5 Harem Endings
  • ? Neutral Ending
  • ? Bad Endings
In Cross Days, most of the endings are devoted to Roka, however, depend on Yuuki invovlements with Ai or Makoto their ending can be reached too. Compared to the original game, Cross Days features more bad endings than its predessor but isn't as graphic in violence. According to the route map Cross Days has
Cross Days Full Clear

This menu picture indicates the player has achieved every ending in Cross Days at least once

Cross Days Route Map

Complete Route Map for Cross Days

22 endings points.
  • ? Roka Endings
  • ? Ai Endings
  • 1 Makoto Ending
  • 1 Minami Ending (Yuuki's success with Roka's varies)
  • ? Bad Endings
  • 1 True Ending

School Days Visual Novel EndingsEdit

Bad EndingsEdit

Bloody Conclusion (Bloody End in HQ release)Edit

Depending on the route Makoto breaks up with Kotonoha or simply starts ignoring her to see Sekai. Kotonoha desperately tries to win back Makoto but Nanami orchestrates many bullying acts on her to keep her away from Makoto. Kotonoha then goes to Makoto's apartment but is greeted by his mother and is invited to wait for him inside. Makoto and Sekai come home and not knowing she's there proceed to have sex. Hearing it pushes Kotonoha over the edge and makes her go into Yandere mode. She
So much blood

Bloody End

obtains a key to Makoto's home and proceeds to hear Makoto and Sekai having sex many times until she gets on the balcony and sees a hacksaw. She starts to laugh maniacally and disappears. After a while Kotonoha meets Sekai and Makoto on a train station overpass. Sekai says long time no see and tries to greet Kotonoha but Kotonoha swipes her hacksaw at Sekai's neck through her coat causing her to bleed violently. Kotonoha then starts to laugh maniacally again with Makoto shocked . It's implied Sekai died.
Cold Scarf (LxH Extension)Edit

In the LxH version, after Kotonoha's killed Sekai, Makoto's frozen from shock while Nanami and Hikari, having seen what happened are in panic. Kotonoha, still insane she tries to hand the hacksaw to Makoto. Being shocked by what she did, he slaps her hand (that has the knife) and the knife ends up under the bridge and Kotonoha's hand starts bleeding. She decides to get her scarf and tries to suffocate Makoto, but she she starts crying and stops, presumably still being in love with Makoto.

To My Children (To My Child in HQ release)Edit

Sekai stab after

To My Children

Makoto ends up with Kotonoha, with Sekai disappearing because of his poorly handled actions. 6 months after Sekai's disappearance, Makoto and Kotonoha are on the beach and talks about their life and future plans (which includes having a baby and getting maried) and Sekai. Kotonoha then says they should have sex, because with her being pregnant they haven't done it in a while. She goes back to get ready while Makoto stays a bit longer. Right as he's wondering where Sekai is she stabs him. Makoto is surprised to see Sekai carrying his baby and is glad to see Sekai okay. Sekai horrified at what she's done runs away and Makoto decides to go home, paying barely any attention to a fatal wound in his gut, is rather worried Kotonoha will get jealous. He dies while walking home and his final thought to himself is he really did love Sekai.
End of the Folly (LxH Extension)Edit

In the LxH extension Sekai and Kotonoha's children are seen with Youko and Kotonoha. They're chatting when Hikari and Taisuke comes and after some chit chat Kotonoha declares the child to be his.

Eternally (Forever in HQ release)Edit

Kotonoha suicide


Makoto realizes his feelings for Sekai early but has sex with Kotonoha during the school festival. Because of this Kotonoha believes the only way to get Makoto's affection is to constantly have sex with him, including giving him a handjob on a crowded train. Makoto struggles to choose between her and Sekai but him having sex with Kotonoha was recorded by a group of people, who then show it during a party which Sekai attends. Sekai confronts him about his infidelity and breaks up with him but Makoto confesses his love to her and is able to win her back.

Meanwhile however Kotonoha takes it very badly but declares that he and Sekai will never be happy together. Makoto and Sekai are talking about Kotonoha when she throws herself off a building, which is seen in full view to both of them. Having witnessed Kotonoha commit suicide, Makoto and Sekai are unable to be together because of their guilt and break up. A while later Makoto visits Kotonoha's grave and reminisces about past events and how, as predicted by Kotonoha's last words, he would never be happy with Sekai.

Blue Smile (LxH Extension)Edit

In the LxH version, when Makoto is visiting Kotonoha's grave, Sekai comes as well. Both haven't met each other since the incident, and they ask each other about their recent lives. Makoto as usual answers that he's working as a nurse, while Sekai mentions that she got married, suffered a misscarriage and is soon to be divorced. At the same time, Makoto hides his ring finger to hide the fact that he's engaged. Sekai is holding a bucket of water and then leaves and Makoto asks if she's not going to dump the water but Sekai says the tomb is smiling, albeit unpleasently. Sekai then says goodbye and that he weather forecast said it would rain but it's fine, Makoto looks up to find there's no rain and the game ends.

Pushed Too Far (HQ Version Only) Edit

During Makoto's initial attempts to make sexual advances on Kotonoha, Sekai offers to let Makoto train on her and they have sex. They conti
Kotonoha moments before death

Pushed Too Far

nue to have unprotected sex constantly with Makoto still dating Kotonoha. During the school festival Makoto finally has sex with Kotonoha while Sekai goes on to date Taisuke. She's very unhappy in the relationship and when all 4 of them go shopping Taisuke asks Makoto to find out what Sekai would like as a present. Sekai says she wants something that can't be bought which is Makoto and then he decides he loves Sekai and embraces her. Just a while later Sekai goes home only to throw up and confesses to her mother that she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. She reveals her pregnancy to Makoto and says he has to be the father because they had sex so many times but a visit to an obstetrician reveals she's only 2 months pregnant, which makes it highly unlikely the baby is Makoto's. He breaks up with her over this and then Sekai goes into Yandere mode. She pushes Kotonoha in front of a train to kill her since she's the one that revealed her pregnancy duration to Makoto, and then laughs maniacally about how this is all Kotonoha's fault.

Starting from the Price of Betrayal episode, the divergence point with To My Children is whether Makoto tells Sekai his doubts about the child's father at school, or if he remains silent and tells her over the phone later that night.

Innocent Evening Sun (LxH Version Only)Edit

Sekai and kotonoha double kill

Innocent Evening Sun

While similiar to the ending above this ending came before Pushed Too Far. Also apart from Sekai pushing Kotonoha onto the train tracks the circumstances are different from Pushed Too Far, happenning earlier because the characters are wearing their school uniforms without coats and Sekai doesn't push with as much force because Kotonoha only falls halfway over the edge, not fly over the train tracks. Makoto is also further away from Kotonoha and is able to see Sekai pushing her much sooner and reacts to it faster.

Makoto and Kotonoha are waiting for the train when Makoto gets a text from Sekai but it's only used as a distraction to push Kotonoha onto the tracks. Makoto shoves Sekai and grabs Kotonoha and they all fall over the ledge and Sekai's phone drops further into the tracks, with Makoto holding onto Kotonoha around her waist. Makoto tries to pull Kotonoha while Sekai tries to reach for her phone. The train comes and Sekai and Kotonoha are both hit, with Makoto looking horrified.

Twisted Hair(LxH Version Only)Edit

Kotonoha pushes sekai

Twisted Hair

lightly different from the ending above while being pulled by Makoto Kotonoha first grabs Sekai by her hair, at first glance intending to pull her up but while being pulled by Makoto she uses her as leverage to get up, pushing Sekai down further. The train comes and Sekai looks at the train as it hits her.

News Story (LxH Version Only)Edit


News Story

his ending mostly serves as the "good" alternative to Bloody End. Sekai and Makoto are a couple and are walking down the street with Hikari and Nanami. They then come across a news broadcast revealing that a girl has been found murdered in an alleyway. Nanami and Hikari claim it might be Kotonoha because she's been absent from school for a while. The two then ask Sekai and Makoto if they have heard from Kotonoha but they suspiciously say no, hinting they probably killed her.

Lamplight (LxH Version Only)Edit

Makoto and Sekai meet at the train station and chat for a while when Kotonoha comes. Kotonoha wants to talk to Sekai and Makoto leaves them alone. Kotonoha becomes more and more aggressive with Sekai and when Makoto turns around Sekai's pushed into the tracks. Kotonoha in her rage accidently pushed Sekai with significant force. Makoto runs over and helps her get up and after Sekai gets up and while she's helping Makoto get back up it's too late and her shocked face is shown fully in the frame, Makoto getting hit by the train.

Unknown (LxH Version Only)Edit

Unknown (LxH Version Only)Edit

Sekai EndingsEdit

I Love YouEdit

I Love You

I Love You

Nearly exactly the same as the Eternally ending but after Sekai and Makoto share an embrace the game ends without anything more. Presumably Kotonoha accepts Makoto breaking up with her rather than commiting suicide.

With Honest Feelings (With Honesty in HQ release)Edit

Makoto continues to date Kotonoha with virtually no bumps in the road. Sekai, having set up the couple together is still in love with Makoto and succumbs deeper into depression and starts to skip school spending days crying in her room. On Christmas Eve Youko, worried that Sekai won't have enough attendance days forces her to go to school. During class she passes out and Nanami tells Makoto to take her to the infirmary, since she believes he's the reason for Sekai's depression. Sekai asks Makoto to hold her hand until she falls asleep and he does. Meanwhile Kotonoha's made plans to spend christmas eve with Makoto in a very, very luxurious hotel room. Sekai wakes up at the infirmary and then goes home. Whilst waiting for the train she realizes she hasn't eaten all day
Hugs again

With Honesty

and starts eating a sandwich. She starts crying about how she promised to make Makoto sandwiches, and that she wanted him to try it. To her surprise Makoto comes out and takes a bite of her sandwich and confesses his love to her and asks her to love him in return. She throws away the sandwich and embraces Makoto.


Another hug,
Makoto decides to be with Sekai, and Kotonoha, trying to win Makoto back, comes over to his apartment and takes pictures of Makoto sucking on her nipples and shows them to Sekai. She then asks Makoto to date her if she can convince Sekai to back off. After she succeeds, Makoto interrogates her about what she's done and ultimately breaks his promise and goes to Sekai's apartment. Sekai, still very upset, tells Makoto to go away. A while later, Sekai's mother comes home and wakes up Sekai to have Bavarois with her. She then reveals to Sekai if she should deliver some Bavarois to Makoto or if she wants seconds. After a talk with her mother, Sekai comes out to embrace Makoto, while Makoto apologizes for being easily swayed. Then Sekai asks if Makoto likes Bavarois (This Bavarois is completely unrelated to the Bavarois Makoto can make for Sekai).

I'm The Wife (I'm His Wife in HQ Release, Watermelon in LxH release, Setsuna Ending)Edit

I'm his wife, back off sekai

I'm His Wife

If the route taken involved Makoto sleeping with Setsuna (as opposed to many other possible routes) and getting her pregnant a post ending scene will be shown. In it Setsuna sends Makoto a postcard of her pregnant in front of the Arc de Triomphe. On it it's written "I will be giving birth in Japan, so I'll return around the time when you get this letter. Please think of a name. Setsuna". The doorbell then rings and Setsuna shows up with Sekai and says "I'm the Wife".
  • According to the official family tree Makoto has sons with Sekai and Setsuna. This is only ending in original game that fits into this criteria. See this for more information.

Setsuna's Wish (Setsuna's Feelings in HQ release)Edit

SCHOOLDAYS HQ 2014-06-13 11-12-40-76

Setsuna's Feelings

Makoto and Sekai are together with Kotonoha out of the way since she's dating Taisuke but Sekai's mother is chosen to go to Paris instead of Setsuna's mother. Sekai pleads with her mother to stay but is slapped in the face by her. Setsuna then decides to take Makoto off Sekai's hands after she leaves claiming that she's loved him since the entrance ceremony too. She first takes pictures of Makoto and herself pretending to have sex and show it to Sekai then claims that she's really going to do it. Then Setsuna proceeds to (seemingly) have sex with Makoto with Sekai hearing them on the phone. Sekai unable to listen anymore begs Makoto to stop and promises to not leave him. After that it's revealed the whole thing was a plan devised by Setsuna. She then leaves for Paris with her mother after Sekai convinces her mother to stay, having successfuly put Sekai and Makoto together.

Binding Thoughts (Love Fulfilled in HQ release)Edit

Love fulfilled embrace

Love Fulfilled

Makoto dumps Kotonoha because his feelings for Sekai emerge, but Sekai accuses him of cheating on her with Otome in class with everyone looking. Because of Sekai's outburst nearly everyone in school is gossiping about it. Makoto takes Sekai to the roof to talk everything over and then Kotonoha comes and begs him to date her again. Pushed into a corner Makoto declines to make a decision. A few days later Sekai tells Makoto that she'll be waiting for him at her place. During the evening Sekai is out in the night waiting for Makoto when Setsuna comes. After a little chat it's revealed Makoto had come a while ago and couldn't face Sekai and Setsuna has dragged him over. They share an embrace while Setsuna walks away having successfully brought the two together. In a post ending scene Makoto and Sekai are at the beach and Sekai says she has to take a lot of pictures to make lots of memories.

Kotonoha EndingsEdit

Christmas EveEdit

Christmas eve

Christmas Eve

Makoto and Kotonoha continue to date but Makoto seemingly becomes bored with the relationship. To spice things up Kotonoha spends exorbinant amount of money on a hotel room to spend Christmas Eve with him. They spend the night at the hotel room resembling a traditional happily ever after ending.

Carnal Desire (Lust in HQ release)Edit

Kotonoha's equivalent ending of Bavarois instead of going after Sekai Makoto keeps his promise to date Kotonoha if she gets Sekai to back off from Makoto. Like the Bavarois ending a post ending scene can show Setsuna pregnant (except the only difference being Kotonoha is chosen instead of Sekai).

And With Kotonoha (With Kotonoha in HQ release)Edit

Kotonoha's equivalent version of Sekai's ending Binding Thoughts, except in this case Kotonoha asks to come over to Makoto's place and Makoto, having chosen Kotonoha is waiting for her and they have sex. In a post ending scene on the next day Kotonoha's phone rings while they're having a conversation about Kotonoha's family being upset at her. After Makoto seeks Kokoro is calling he picks up, failing to turn video calling off capturing Kotonoha naked on the camera.

And To Kotonoha (To Kotonoha in HQ Release)Edit

Achieved through the Conflicting Desires episode, after Makoto sleeps with Kotonoha, then goes to Sekai. Makoto makes it clear he likes Sekai. Because of this, Nanami and the other girls start bullying Kotonoha to keep her away from Makoto for Sekai. Nanami warns her not to get close to Makoto and the other girls drop her boxed lunch that she made for Makoto. Makoto learns about this from Otome's friends talking about it. Makoto searches for Kotonoha and finds her right when she's
Roof lunch with Kotonoha

The last 4 endings all end with almost exactly the same conclusion while the routes leading to them are different.

cornered and about to be slapped by Kumi. Makoto grabs Kumi's hand and then lectures them for being bullies. The game ends with Makoto and Kotonoha having lunch and kissing.

From a kiss to Beyond (After the Kiss in HQ release)Edit

Similiar to And to Kotonoha, the difference is the route the player takes causing minor differences, achieved through the Innocence episode, when Makoto doesn't sleep with Setsuna.

And Starting From the First Kiss (It Begins with the First Kiss in HQ release)Edit

Similiar to And to Kotonoha, the difference is the route the player takes causing minor differences, achieved through the First Experience episode, e.g training with Sekai.

The Him Only For Her (All Hers in HQ release)Edit

Similiar to And to Kotonoha, the difference is the route the player takes causing minor differences, achieved through the Relationships Revealed episode. Kotonoha can either be raped or not raped by Taisuke, only thing that matters is her dating him.   

Sub Heroine EndingsEdit

Everyone's Makoto (Hikari Ending)Edit

During the school festival Kotonoha asks Makoto to come to her but Makoto doesn't come being too preoccupied with Sekai. Kotonoha then is forced
Hikari hair down

Everyone's Makoto

to abandon Makoto and begins dating Taisuke. During lunchtime Makoto goes to look for Taisuke and finds him forcing sex on Kotonoha. Hikari comes to watch and then Makoto seduces Hikari and plays with her. They stop because Kotonoha and Taisuke are done and after Hikari is revealed to like Taisuke he comes up with a plan to set them up. He pretends Hikari is his girlfriend and asks Taisuke to swing with him. Taisuke and Kotonoha both accepts and agree to meet at Kotonoha's house at 10am but Hikari takes too long picking out an outfit then comes at 12pm. They found that because they've been waiting they went ahead and had sex. Taisuke then asks Makoto and Hikari to have sex in front of them. Left with no choice they do so and Hikari is shocked at how good it felt. Afterwards Hikari and Taisuke have sex while Kotonoha and Makoto leaves. Makoto then makes it clear he is not going to have sex with her. Afterwards its revealed Hikari didn't like sex with Taisuke saying he's too rough and Makoto is better. They then have sex near the beach during the evening. 4 months later Makoto and Hikari wake up in the morning. It's revealed Makoto is officially dating Sekai and Hikari is his "private manager". Hikari says being good in bed is Makoto's only merit and it's wrong of her to keep him all to herself so she's sharing him with almost everyone and calls in a different girl for him ever
Hikari Baby


y night.

Sexfriend  (Hikari Ending)Edit

Almost exactly the same as the ending above but Makoto ejaculates inside Hikari. 4 months later Makoto and Hikari wake up in the morning. It's revealed Makoto is officially dating Sekai and Hikari's acting at school to be on bad terms with him but when they're having sex everything is real. Hikari then tells Makoto to go school while she has to go the hospital. Makoto then asks why and Hikari says that he'll be surprised. In a post credit scene Hikari is seen holding her and Makoto's baby while Sekai in the background is seen crying or annoyed or shocked.

The Earnest Feelings are Rewarded  (Earnest Feelings Requited in HQ release, Otome Ending)Edit

Makoto otome

Eearnest Feelings Requited

Happy ending with Otome. It's almost exactly the same as Sekai's ending Binding Thoughts and Kotonoha's ending With Kotonoha, except in this case Otome asks Makoto to meet her at the beach where they used to hang out all the time. Makoto realizes that his love was right next to him all along and comes. They go over to Makoto's place and have sex. In a post ending scene Otome and Makoto are revealed to be fighting a lot and Otome's friends talk about how they're going to break up but Natsumi Koizumi has taken a picture of Makoto and Otome kissing and mentions since Otome is outspoken and they're very close this is how their relationship simply 'is'.

Harem EndingsEdit

Two Lovers Edit

Two loverss

Two Lovers

Sekai and Kotonoha both accepts that they have to share Makoto. They are both pregnant and hope to reveal this to Makoto as christmas presents.

Goodbye Sekai Edit

Similiar to Setsuna'Setsuna cries aloneionher bed after Makoto tells her he was flirting with Otome. s Feelings except Setsuna fails to convince Sekai to stay. Sekai then leaves for Paris and Makoto seemingly starts a relationship with Setsuna. In an epilogue scene Makoto narrates that he has become estranged from Setsuna and the others and is living an empty shell of a life and throws away a letter from Sekai. Then he seemingly has sex with Kazuha Nijou and Futaba Nijou.      

Summer Days/ Shiny Days EndingsEdit

Bad Endings Edit

Summer Opens With Gossip Edit

Makoto tells Setsuna, he wants to have partial job but can't because of her sister (Itaru) who Makoto calls her girlfriend and later clarifies it was a joke. Setsuna says she didn't know Makoto had a thing for little girls.

Summer As Usual Edit

Makoto spends his summer with Itaru and Otome.

Sweet Summer Edit

No More Tears to Cry Edit

Setsuna Disappears Edit

How Many Hours by Train Edit

Heartbreak Edit

Setsuna cries alone in her bed after Makoto tells her Otome was flirting with him.

Devotion Edit

Inori falls ill, and Setsuna vows to stay by her side. There's lots of gossip about Makoto by all the girls who like or are otherwise involved with him, but his relationship status remains undefined when this ending abruptly occurs.

Lonesome Summer Edit

Continues slightly past the "Devotion" ending. Hanon tries to get Makoto and Niki together, but when Makoto ignores her phone call, they conclude the reason he's still single is because he's gay. Makoto returns to school after having had a boring Summer.

Succumbing in Pleasure Edit


Setsuna prepares to punish Makoto

Setsuna discovers that Makoto is having relationship with Sekai and Youko behind her back and punishes him with Mai as her assistant. Makoto also learns that Mai is Setsuna's mother.

Nothing Worth Remembering Edit


Setsuna discovers Shun and Futaba's affair while Makoto mistakes Setsuna to be in affair with Shun and speaks to her in harsh words causes Setsuna to slap him and run away. Shun reveals that his secret to Makoto that he's Setsuna's father.

Substitute Edit


Kokoro becomes "substitute" for Setsuna

This Ending is currently inaccessible in English Version

In this ending, Makoto chases after Kokoro and has Shun catchs her. However, he stays silent instead of apologizing, which ending in him forcing sex on her while Futaba is giving Shun a blowjob.

When the Asura Flews Down Edit

This Ending is currently inaccessible in English Version


Kotonoha delivers justice

This ending is a continuation from the above ending: Makoto and Kokoro later meet Kyouichi Kasanoin at his cram school who is having sex with Yae, Nanami's younger sister. Kotonoha discovers this event and comes to rescue Kokoro while kills both Kyouichi and Makoto. She later set the building ablaze before made her escape.

Harem EndingsEdit

Becoming Part of the Family (Otome and Karen Ending) Edit

Otome discovers that Karen is in relationship with Makoto and become full of tears. Karen decides to have Otome confess her feeling to Makoto which she does. Otome and Makoto then kiss and have sex which Karen also joins them. Unfortunately, Otome accidentally pulled the blanket that camouflage their action, caused the there of them to be seen by the entire Katou Family. The after credit then show Makoto all beaten up but apprently still allowed to date Karen and Otome.

Going Our Separate Ways (Kokoro and Kotonoha Ending) Edit

Ripened Fruit (Katsuras Ending) Edit

Makoto gradually finds his way with all the women of Katsura family. On Christmas Kotonoha and Kokoro argue about with which of them Makoto spend day. Until Manami arrives and tells her daughters that Makoto has already an important thing to do that day.

Sleep With the Entire Katsura Family Project (Katsuras Ending) Edit

Similar to the Ripened Fruit Ending, the difference is Manami got pregnant.

Paris for Four (Saionjis & Kiyouras Ending) Edit

Makoto accepts Setsuna's feelings leaves with her to Paris. Youko and Mai decide to join them. After returning from Paris Youko, Mai and Setsuna visit Sekai revealing that they are all pregnant with Makoto's children. Youko then propose shocked Sekai to join them and become pregnant too. Sekai tries to protest but vain as Makoto arrives and impregnate her as well.

  • According to the official family tree Makoto has sons with Sekai and Setsuna. This is only ending in the spin-off that fits into this criteria. See this for more information.

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Saionjis Ending) Edit

Setsuna Endings Edit

Paris for Two Edit

Setsuna flees Japan to join her mother in Paris after Shun walks in on Makoto forcing himself on her. Later, Makoto chases after her, and Setsuna forgives him when they reunite in the Paris airport.

From Kotopi to Se-chan Edit


Same as above, but this time it has Kotonoha and Setsuna become good friends, despite them both liking Makoto. When Setsuna flees, Makoto becomes increasingly lonely, and tells Kotonoha that he loved her the whole time. He leans in for a kiss, and it looks like Kotonoha is going to accept. It cuts to the Paris airport scene, except Makoto is bandaged up. It's revealed that Kotonoha changed her mind, beat Makoto with a stick, and sent him back to Setsuna.

A Gift From My Father Edit

Makoto chases after Kokoro but let her slip past Shun. When he tells Shun that he want a blowjob from Kokoro, Shun beats him up and beats some sense into him. Shun then calls Mai and tells her that he want to give something to Setsuna as a father. Setsuna and Mai later meet an injured Makoto wrapped in bandage at the airport. Mai tells her daughter to go to him which she does. Setsuna and Makoto then hug and confess their feeling.

With My Family Edit

Makoto visits Sekai and confides in her that he still loves Setsuna. Sekai rings Setsuna and tells her that even if she hates Makoto, he still loves her. Setsuna is stunned into silence while Sekai says that she sent Makoto to meet Setsuna. After the credits, Youko is shown asking Sekai why Makoto isn't ringing her, which Sekai replies to her by saying that Makoto got another girlfriend, which is assumingly Setsuna.

Knockout Kick Edit

Youko EndingsEdit

Together Edit


Setsuna beaten by Youko

Similar to the Paris for Two Ending which Makoto decides to go to Paris to be with Setsuna. However, when he confesses his love for her it is Youko who runs toward and hug him while replies that she love him too and won't let him leave her anymore which leaves Setsuna shocked at the situation.

Interception Edit

Mai EndingsEdit

Mom’s Boyfriend Edit

In this ending, Makoto becomes involved with Youko and eventually seduces Manami and Mai as well. Youko eventually catches up when she finds out that Manami canceled her trip to Paris because of her wanting to keep Makoto for herself. As the two women (with Makoto sitting between the two) engages in a serious rivalry, Mai shows up and asks Setsuna to fetch Makoto from the two. She then proceeds to leave with Makoto to spend time together while Makoto apologizes Setsuna for "borrowing" her mother before leaving which leaves Setsuna speechless.

Manami EndingsEdit

As a Mother and as a Woman Edit

Kotonoha EndingsEdit

I Hope You’re Happy Edit

Makoto, Kotonoha, Kokoro and Setsuna attend the Summer Carnival together. By Kokoro's arrangement, Makoto and Kotonoha spend a private time with each other in depth of the woods. While they're chatting happily and watching the ceremony afar, Makoto, glamoured by Kotonoha's gorgeous body, suddenly pushes her over and forces himself on her. Panicked, Kotonoha resists, saying they're "too young to have sex". Makoto insists, confessing his feeling to Kotonoha, as well as Kokoro is the one who instructed him to have sex with Kotonoha in woods. Finally Kotonoha is able to push Makoto off from her, depressed, Makoto apologizes, but Kotonoha then allows him to have sex with her "if he can be gentle" and says she also have feelings to him.

After having sex, they walk out from woods, hands hold together. Kokoro is excited for her plan of matching Makoto and Kotonoha succeeds, while Setsuna leaves with upset. New semester begins, Sekai is discussing finding a boyfriend with Setsuna at train station, suddenly she sees the boy she has a crush to (Makoto) had been taken by a girl from Class 4 (Kotonoha). Setsuna sees the couple to, and moves forward to kick Makoto over, then gives her blessing to them. Kotonoha responds happily.

Stubborn Makoto Edit

Similiar to "I Hope You’re Happy", the difference is before that, Makoto had slept with Youko.

Caught by Kotonoha Edit

Inori Endings Edit

The Kagura Offering Edit


Makoto confesses his feeling

Makoto confesses his feeling to Inori and she accepts. Natsuhi made appearance with Shun and has a talk about the secret between them that Inori's their daughter. Inori, Setsuna and Kotonoha perform the Shinto Dance to the crowd at Ashikaga Shrine which is very successful.

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Karen Endings Edit

Haramihama Love Triangle Edit

Kazuha and Futaba Endings Edit

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Captivated by the Twins Edit

Noan Endings Edit

Dreaming Big Edit

This ending occurs when Makoto gives in to Noan's seduction. The two later becomes couple which Noan motivates Makoto to study hard and become a doctor to take back the hospital from his father.

Cross Days EndingEdit

Bad EndingsEdit

Love DestroyedEdit


Yuuki decides to make "Yuu" disappear forever. Makoto is heartbroken while Yuuki goes on and date Roka.

Punishment from the HeavenEdit

Licentious Beasts Edit

Yuuki was taken by Taisuke and his friends and get raped and confined at their house. Ai managed to made Makoto her boyfriend while Kotonoha could do nothing.

Elder SisterEdit

Kotonoha, intending to kill Yuu, asks Chie where he is. Chie, to protect her brother, lies that she is Yuu, and is murdered.

Self Destruction Edit

Kotonoha murders Yuuki in guise of Yuu.

Sacrifice and FulfillmentEdit

Yuuki ends up with Roka, Makoto still dating Sekai while Kotonoha gets raped by Taisuke.

Given Up On Every Thing Edit

This route requires Yuuki to be involved with Hanon and Niki. Nanami discovers that her boyfriend, Kyouichi Kasanoin, has been cheating behind her back with several girls and is heartbroken. Roka and Hikari decides to have Makoto comforts her. Neither Kotonoha nor Yuuki get to be with Makoto or Roka.

Massive LoveEdit

Tsutsumi Shibukawa lures Yuuki to the haunted house and tie him to a bed in order to rape him but is rescued by Ion and Youka who decides to take him for themselves. Later when Yuuki met Roka, Ion, Youka and Tsutsumi got into a little fight before they stripped in front of Yuuki. This pissed off Roka who slapped Yuuki comically.

A Fight is Coming Edit

Yuuki end up with Roka while Ai and Makoto was interogated by Kotonoha who drew Katana.

Fallen into Darkness Edit

Secret FallEdit

An alternative to Massive Love which Yuuki manages to avoid Tsutsumi's trap and end up with Roka. Makoto still hooks up with Sekai while Kotonoha is rape by Taisuke and Hikari failed in her love life.


Makoto's EndingEdit

Only You Edit

Normal EndingEdit

Admiring the Chrysanthemums Edit

Minami EndingEdit

Minami's Boyfriend Edit

Minami Obuchi seduced Makoto and made him her boyfriend. Yuuki may or may not end up with Roka.

Roka's EndingsEdit

Feelings Pile UpEdit

In this ending, Sekai transfers away while Yuuki ends up with Roka, Kotonoha with Makoto, and Hikari with Taisuke.

Lies and Truths Piles UpEdit

Taking the Hand Held Out to YouEdit


Ai's EndingsEdit

Lies and Lies Pile UpEdit

Only Love and CourageEdit

Roka discovers Yuuki kissing with Ai in the town and bid farewell in tears. Later, the pregnant Ai moves in with Yuuki.

True EndingEdit

Going Forward Facing Each Other (True Ending)Edit

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