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Encounter is one of two possible first episodes for Shiny Days, the other being Invasion.

Plot Edit

The episode starts at Sekai's house with Sekai sick in his bed and Setsuna next to her. Sekai asks Setsuna to take her place at the Summer Radish, Setsuna refuses and Sekai tells her that the Radish is close Makoto's house, Setsuna still refuses but she finally takes it when Sekai threats her saying she'll tel everyone that Setsuna likes Makoto. The next scene jumps to beach, where you can see some people running around and to Sekai's house again, here, Sekai is lying on the bed with a towel in the front and a thermometer in the mouth, Setsuna asks her if she's okay, she says she feels the room spinning around and takes the thermometer out of her mouth, demonstrating that she has 38.9 grades of fever, Setsuna asks her if she ate anything and offers to make her some food but Sekai refuses and asks Setsuna to take her place at the Radish, again but Setsuna refuses again, basically repeating the last scene.

Sekai's fever


Episode end screen

The next scene shows Makoto walking in the street, next to the beach, here, he's called by Otome who saw him walking and asks him if he has plans, Makoto tells her he's going to fish and asks her if she wants to join but Otome refuses and asks him what he's going to do in the summer break, Makoto tells her he wants to make good memories and after a little chat, leaves. After that, we see Setsuna at the Radish with her uniform (the one you choose at the start of the game) and Youko tells her she looks beautiful, Setsuna complains about it but Youko insists it's cute and thanks Setsuna for accepting Sekai's offer. Setsuna leaves the kitchen and meets Noan and Oruha, her workmates and they reveal it's hard to get a job at the Radish. Setsuna tries to welcome two costumers but fails, so Oruha takes care of it. After that, we can see Kokoro asking more Orangeade to Setsuna but she forgots and only takes a parfait for Itaru. Setsuna later welcomes a customer who tries to get a hit on her, offering her a drink but Setsuna refuses. In the next scene, we can see Makoto's mom complaining about an orange juice that came with the parfait (the one Kokoro ordered) and says she's sorry to Kokoro who gets mad.

When the Radish closes, Setsuna talks with Youko before leaving. When she's walking next to the beach she encounters Itaru (who hugs Setsuna while saying "parfait") and Makoto and the episode ends.