Confession (Anime)
Episode 1
Title Confession
Romanji Kokuhaku
Kanji 告白
Release Date July 3, 2007
Episode Guide
Previous N\A
Next The Distance Between the Two of Them

Confession (告白, Kokuhaku) is the first episode of School Days anime.

Plot SummaryEdit

The 10th Sakakino Academy Entrance Ceremony has begun. Makoto finds his classroom number and looks around, noticing a long haired girl who he recognizes, as she rides the same train that he takes.

Makoto pictures Kotonoha anime

Makoto takes a picture of Kotonoha

Moments earlier, at the station Makoto notices Kotonoha who manages to board the train at the same time he does. He glances at her while she reads a book, giving him an opportunity to secretly takes a picture of her.

Back at school Makoto tries to delete his picture of Kotonoha but was interrupted by his classmate who catches a glimpse of Makoto's phone with Kotonoha's picture on it. During class Makoto begs to Sekai not to tell anyone about his interest to Kotonoha but he was caught by the teacher who ask if he wants to share something which he declines so they resort to pass the message in their notebook instead. After a few argument notes Sekai ask about how long does his charm started, and after he answers, she expresses surprise, causing the rest of class to be awkward.

After class Sekai invites Makoto in the rooftop and offers to help makoto with Kotonoha.

The next day they all have lunch together and Sekai gives them some privacy. Makoto asks Kotonoha if he want to go out with him to which she agrees

Sekai kisses Makoto anime

Sekai kisses Makoto

After school Makoto is waiting for Kotonoha at a train stop when Sekai comes to him. Makoto asks why she's helping like this and Sekai answers because it's fun and she wants to toy with someone's relationship with her own hands. Before Sekai gets on her train she kisses Makoto and runs into her train wishing him luck with his date leaving Makoto confused.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The usual tagline reads: "In the school the three guys met. Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into three love stories." However, the logo at the end reads: "In school life, three persons were always together. Our relation was broken on that day. The past never recover no longer." This is the only episode to do so.

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