Chie Ashikaga
Born July 27
Blood-Type A
Gender Female
Height 167cm
Hair Brown
Eyes Reddish-Brown
Affiliation Sakakino High School
Member of the basketball team

Ashikaga Family

Occupation High School Student
Member of the basketball team
Family and Relatives Yuuki Ashikaga (younger brother)

Hayato Ashikaga (unknown relation)
Inori Ashikaga (adopted into Ashikaga Family)

Seiyuu Motoyama Mina

Chie Ashikaga (足利 知恵 Ashikaga Chie) is the older sister of Yuuki Ashikaga in Cross Days, and a member of the Sakakino High girl's basketball club.

Depending what route you play if Kotohona overhears a sexual-moment between Yuuki and Makoto you might get the 'Dear Sister'' ending.

Appearance Edit

Chie is a tall and thin girl. She has long hair, but may cut it short depending on the route in Cross Days; the short hair is used for her anime appearance.

Chie anime

Chie in the chapter 10 of the anime

School DaysEdit

She has a brief appearance in episode 10 of the anime, when the basketball club makes a video presentation recorded in the "love room" during the school festival. Though not revealed in game, she's the one mainly responsible for taping the rest room. Her main purpose was to defame Nanami, as she was jealous of her athletics, Makoto and Kotonoha being caught by Sekai was simply a side effect.

Cross DaysEdit

She introduces her brother to Roka at the beginning of the game. Chie is good friend of Ion, Youka and is jealous of Nanami, since Nanami took her spot as a regular on the team. It is shown that she was the one who recorded the people who had "activity" in the room during the school festival.

Chie behaves harshly towards Yuuki and frequently uses him as an errand boy, but she does care about him; she tries to be supportive of his romantic relationship with (whoever she thinks is best for him), and when she thinks he's been hurt in one route she becomes fiercely protective.

Chie has a crush on Kotonoha's father, who she met at Kuroda's family's shop, and plans to invite him to the school festival. Although she apparently fails in most routes, in one route she is shown to invite him to the Haunted House, explaining that it's an 'interesting' place (which, ironically, leads to them discovering Kotonoha being raped by Taisuke in the Secret Fall ending). 


  • Her last name comes from the Ashikaga clan.
  • Her name means "Blessed with Wisdom."
  • Due to the stress of being outgrown on the basketball team she and her friends smoke.
  • She makes her anime debut with short hair but uses extensions of hair as seen in Cross Days