Cellphone manga

Cellphones of Kotonoha(top),Makoto,(bottom),and Sekai(middle right) in the manga

Cellphones are the most distinct items shown in Days Series, this also serves as an mandatory item in order to attempt the so called rumored charm.


Makoto's CellphoneEdit


Makoto's Cellphone

Makoto's foldable cellphone was small rectangular with bluish design and a black design on the handle with a small screen on the top along with the small camera next to it

Sekai's CellphoneEdit

Sekai's foldable cellphone was a crimson red oval shape on the bottom with a small antenna on it along with small screen with the small camera on top of it

Kotonoha's CellphoneEdit

Kotonoha's foldable cellphone shares the same design of both Makoto and Sekai's though the design was different,it shows a light blue color with a slight oval shape on the bottom with a screen on it along with a small camera on the top as well.

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