Captivated by the Twins
Captivated by the Twins
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Summer Days


Shiny Days


Makoto calls Karen. Because she went to the toilet, Futaba picks up the phone and convinces Makoto to hang out before the festival with them. When Karen comes back, the twins lie and tell her Makoto is busy and can’t go to the festival. They also say Otome called and they told her she was at Radish. Karen, afraid Katou will find her, leaves Radish.

Outside, Futaba reveals she learned Makoto’s secret. When she took a wrong door looking for the toilet at Radish, she found Makoto having sex with Youko. The twins go to Makoto’s house and they have sex the entire night. At the station, Setsuna, Kokoro and Kotonoha are waiting for Makoto, but he never comes.

Captivated By The Twins


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