Bonfire for Two
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Bonfire for Two is one of the 14 possible episode 4 in the visual novel and one of the 5 episodes to follow First Experience, the others being Partner for the Festival, Unacknowledged Feelings, The Same Feelings and With Great Reluctance. In this episode Makoto keeps dating Kotonoha while having an affair with Sekai.

Plot Edit

Ever since that day Makoto and Sekai have constantly gone to each others house to hook up. Makoto's still dating Kotonoha while having an affair with Sekai. Two days before the festival they're seen having sex on the rooftop and Makoto cums inside Sekai and is almost caught by Kotonoha because it's leaking. That evening Makoto and Sekai are talking and she mentions how she got freaked out when it started leaking. Makoto then says if he came outside on her clothes it would've been even more obvious. Makoto gets a call from Kotonoha and asks to call Sekai back and Sekai then says she's going to take a bath and Makoto tells her to "wash on the inside too". Kotonoha then asks to see the festival with him but Makoto says he can't but agrees to dance with her at the bonfire. During the school festival Makoto's busy in the kitchen when Taisuke comes to relieve him. Makoto mentions he's free until the bonfire then is forced to help out. After things calm down Sekai asks Makoto to walk around until the bonfire and they go up to the roof. The festival ends and Sekai's happy she got to walk around with Makoto which made her feel like a couple with Makoto. She wants to dance with him but says it would be going too far. Makoto then says he wants to be with her but Sekai says they can't because the bonfire is for couples. Makoto makes a comprimise to dance there on the rooftop because they can hear to sound of the dance and they dance.

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For help navigating the festival day following First Experience, see Festival Day (after First Experience).

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The next episode has 7 possible routes: